“razer pokemon earbuds” We recommend wearing the earphones upside down so they look like they have Pikachu ears….
Razer’s limited edition Pikachu earphones are great for all good reasons. Not only is the pair of yellow buds that look alike very fun, but it also pushes the limits with a Pokeball-style charging case. This is a “charging” case, and because Pikachu is an electric-type Pokemon, it’s even more exceptional!

pikachu earbuds

razer pokemon earbuds Review

The adorable earphones are basically a limited edition of Razer’s hammerhead earphones, but in yellow, with the Pikachu graphic replacing the Razer Sansnake logo. True wireless earphones magnetically dock into a Pokeball-style charging case. It may not be small enough to fit in your pocket, but which one has a pocket ball in it? The earphone case comes with a small strap that makes it a perfect hand strap when you’re jealous looking around from Pokemon lovers.

The earphones provide 3 hours of playtime, and the spherical case supplies them with an additional 15 hours … the earphones can be said to be “resting” inside the Pokeball. The only disappointing news is that earphones will only be available in China through the Tmall e-commerce store from April 16th.

razer pokemon earbuds How its Work!

Listen, it’s pretty dark right now. We have to hold onto something that is warm and can be hugged as tightly as possible. Take a look at wireless earphones in Pikachu skin with a Pokeball charging case.

Razer announced the Pikachu Special Edition of the Hammerhead True Wireless earphones discovered by Gizmodo on Monday. And as you can see, they are absolute pleasures. Both the earphones and stem are Pikachu yellow, and the outer edge of the bud has a picture of a fictional electric rodent that everyone loves.

Razer announces the launch of RAZER | Pokemon Pikachu’s true wireless earphones (formerly Weibo). This true wireless earphone adopts the Pikachu icon color (yellow) and has the Pikachu back as the icon design of the headphone body. The most special design this time around is that the headset charging box uses a sprite ball shape design, so you can take the headset and charging box and turn it into a “treasure hunt” like Xiaozhi.

This earphone uses a 13mm driver unit to provide clear, balanced sound and bass. Comes with IPX4 anti-splash light and passive noise reduction silicone earplugs to prevent it from falling when worn by the user. For other features, this headset features Bluetooth 5.0, automatic pairing, low latency connection, and support for touch features and voice assistants.

The charging box adopts a sprite ball design, and the central LED indicator shows different lights depending on the power status, indicating the power status of the headset. An electromagnetic contact charging design is used between the earphones and the charging box. Charging starts when you touch the earphones lightly, and you can use them immediately. In terms of battery life, each charge lasts about 3 hours of battery life. When used in a charging case, it lasts up to 15 hours.

Lastly Sale Information, RAZER | Pokemon Pikachu’s True Wireless Headphones were officially sold in China on April 16th and the starting price is 849 yuan (about RM520) No information available for sale in Malaysia

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razer pokemon earbuds

razer pokemon earbuds Specification 

BATTERY: 450mha
HARDWARE: Dual 13mm drivers
WATERPROOF: alongside IPX4 water-resistance
CHARGE TIME: 1.5hours
MATERIAL: fiber plastic
PACKAGE CONTENT: Pokeball, earbuds, charging cable, manual book

razer pokemon earbuds

razer pokemon earbuds Price

If You Want to buy razer pokemon earbuds You Can Get This Product ₹9203.10 INR Rupees.
And This razer pokemon earbuds Price in Global Market
$120 USD

razer pokemon earbuds Price in dollar $120 USD
razer pokemon earbuds Price in Indian Money ₹9203.10 INR RUPEES


currently unavailable in market

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