RaceMouse Laser Pointer PRICE IN INDIA, USA

The search for efficiency is the key to every modern product design. This is the proof: racemouse is a necessity of modern life. Ultra-portable multi-navigation mouse with universal compatibility. It is the perfect all-in-one solution for perfect control in any situation. Resmouse is an innovative multifunctional portable device that can do all the work.

It can be a wireless desktop mouse, stylish air mouse, compact touchpad, laser presenter and universal remote control. Click on it regardless of your name and instantly connect to your device. Resmouse is ready to upgrade your mobile device and optimize your productivity instantly!

RaceMouse Laser Pointer

RaceMouse Laser Pointer Review

For those who like neat, tidy workstations, you don’t need to work with wires or install bulky receivers. Resmouse can quickly pair with almost any device via Bluetooth, including phones, Macs, Windows, iPads, tablets and smart TVs, and create your valuable input ports for free.In desktop mode, a palm-sized racemouse can minimize the workspace needed to improve efficiency through a variety of actions and gestures. Click, scroll and swipe and enjoy seamless control between you and your device, Resmouse provides ultimate control.

If you are limited by a desktop computer or want to present anytime and anywhere, just switch to “free mode” and execute all commands and then leave the desk and keyboard behind! General controls and intuitive gestures allow you to accurately control the cursor during meetings and presentations and provide more activity to achieve smooth and precise activities.The Resmouse is not only a wireless air mouse, but also a powerful handheld display. With simple gestures you can scroll up / down / right / left, control the sliding panel, zoom in / out and much more!

RaceMouse Laser Pointer

RaceMouse Laser Pointer Features

Resmouse also has a built-in laser pointer, just press the side button to turn it on, you can get a more clearly interactive experience with the audience in a speech or presentation.
Most multi-function mouse devices require heavy or other accessories such as receivers. Resmouse uses a lightweight and portable packaging that is within reach, bringing comfort and precision.

The Resmouse is a lightweight mouse that is easy to use and can be kept discreetly in any pocket or bag. At home or in the office, on a business trip or on vacation, Resmouse can travel with you.There is nothing worse than starting a presentation or an important document and getting out of power. Resmouse will not let you lure, it can work for a long time up to 40 hours and when you need to charge, use the USB Type-C port to quickly charge 1 hour, it can quickly start working again.

RaceMouse Laser Pointer

RaceMouse Laser Pointer Specification 



RaceMouse Pointer Price

If You Want to buy RaceMouse Laser Pointer You Can Get This Product ₹2145.45 INR Rupees.
And This RaceMouse Laser Pointer Price in Global Market $29 USD

RaceMouse Laser Pointer Price in USD $29 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
RaceMouse Laser Pointer Price in India ₹2145.45 RUPEES


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