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purME is a brand new mask. It is transparent, modular, light and comfortable. By wearing it, you can protect yourself from various harmful particles (such as PM2.5 and allergens) such as air or droplets.
PurME makes full use of the best features of various designs while protecting the sufferers in the industrial industry while also maintaining the portability and comfort of any portable gas mask. An air flow valve is integrated to provide additional sealing and comfort. With an N95 grade HPA filter for everyday use and an included adapter, it can provide additional protection by upgrading to P100 grade (99.8%).

purME gas mask

purME gas mask Review

Masks are important, but they are still not perfect. But the crystal clear design of purME’s daily gas mask will definitely make progress. This means that people will see your face when you talk and smile, which is very important for communication and connection. In addition, this new mask is modular and lightweight, making it convenient to use. It can resist all kinds of harmful particles and droplets in the air, including allergens and PM2.5. Moreover, this daily gas mask combines industrial-grade protection with everyday comfort. It integrates an airflow valve for extra sealing and comfort and uses an N95 HPA filter for everyday use. If necessary, you can upgrade to a P100 filter, which can provide 99.8% protection using the included adapter. Made from the ground up, its unique shape fits all types of facial expressions.

purME gas mask

purME gas mask Features

This is only possible because PurME was created from the ground up. Everything is fully designed by our team, so the final product is very suitable for your needs. The shape carefully fits all the bottom of the face for the comfortable guy. This makes purME a highly protective respirator with unparalleled comfort!
The protection level of PMMA has been tested and proven by third party laboratories in accordance with FDA and SHS GB 2626-2006 standards. When the samples are tested, all purME filters will be made according to strict standards.

The GB2626-2006 KN95 (equivalent to NIOSHN95 or EU FFP2) test confirmed that the 0.3 ounce particle filtration efficiency of our filter exceeded 95%. This means that PUME filters will block most of the harmful particles in the air. The flow rate also exceeds 85L / min ensuring air permeability under normal use.
The organic silicone polymer component of the mask is certified by the German LFGB and does not contain organic vapors, heavy metals and harmful residues. The mask will be able to use and clean the harmful substance for a long time at the recommended temperature without degradation or release. By design, indomitable silicone will resist 99.99% of harmful droplets.

purME gas mask

purME gas mask Specification 

Airflow:1 Way
Filter Pod Colors:Space Grey, Metallic Black, Rose Gold


purME gas mask Price

If You Want to buy purME gas mask You Can Get This Product 2914.57 INR Rupees.
And This purME gas mask Price in Global Market $39 USD

purME gas mask Price in USD $39 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
purME gas mask Price in India ₹2914.57 RUPEES


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