Pulseroll Sports Peanut Massage Ball review

The Deep Vibration Massage Pulseball Peanut Vibratory Massage Ball brings the next generation of pulseol rolling technology and packs it in handheld portable form, suitable for gym, home, office, or wherever life needs.

Pulseroll Sports Peanut Massage Ball

Pulseroll Sports Peanut Massage Review

Suitable for your general fitness. The strong vibration of the pulseball can be used for exercise and tone muscles. You must feel the reward from the first level of massage to the third level of intense massage.
Ideal for physical therapy. Pulseball is a great help phys to repair muscle tissues and increase flexibility. It is ideal for physiotherapy settings and allows their clients to use it comfortably at home to achieve optimal results.

Help you relax. Your body has to adapt to the rhythm every day, so treat yourself from time to time and stay away from the earth. Massage is one of the best ways to do this in a low massage setting, the pulseball vibrating foam roller will be happy to help you separate the areas and release these knots without the need for massage.
Pulseball is a time-tested fitness tool that helps you improve flexibility, elasticity and quality of life for muscle discomfort.

Pulseroll Sports Peanut Massage Ball

Pulseroll Sports Peanut Massage Features

A deep and powerful peanut vibration massage. Light and light weight Muscle Reduce muscle pain Increase blood flow 3 Vibration speed settings 3 types of physical fitness and approved by professional athletes Quick training recovery la lactic acid wash Release nodules and tension Stress and stress Save on Physical Exam Costs The combination will help reduce muscle tightness, increase flexibility, and avoid second day post-training (DOMS) pain. It brings pain relief and helps resolve long-term muscle pain and injuries such as lower back or shoulder pain.

Through vibration, fresh blood is forced into the affected area, increasing the recovery time after injury. Gently massaging your painful area (trigger point) and giving you the benefit of deep tissue sports massage and a feeling of relaxation, the pulseball acts like a switchboard. This will help you to be able to stay comfortable in your own home and complement the physio and massage treatments. Click the “Add to Add” button to order the pulseball vibration massage ball!

Pulseroll Sports Peanut Massage Ball

Pulseroll Sports Peanut Massage Specification 

WEIGHT:800 Grams
MATERIAL:Silicone, Plastic
PRICE IN USD:$106.50
DIMENSIONS:15 x 7 x 7 cm
PACKAGE CONTENT:Pulseroll Sports Peanut Massage, user mannual


Pulseroll Sports Peanut Price

If You Want to buy Pulseroll Sports Peanut Massage You Can Get This Product ₹7927.91 INR Rupees.
And This Pulseroll Sports Peanut Massage Price in Global Market $106.50 USD

Pulseroll Sports Peanut Massage Price in USD $106.50 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Pulseroll Sports Peanut Massage Price in India ₹7927.91 RUPEES


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