Pooch Pacer Gentle Dog Training Device Review and Price

The pooch passer is a fancy accessory designed to adapt to your walk. It will emit a beep sound small enough for you and your dog to hear when your dog pulls the litter and reminds you to reset and adjust. Can.
Easily attach the device to your dog’s collar and leech. Once the tension on the belt increases it triggers the soft audio signal of the poach pacer.

This will alert the dog and the reservoir that the litter is being pulled. Excessive holders should “reset” the dog back to them and be rewarded when the dog behaves well.

Pooch Pacer Gentle Dog Training Device

‘Pooch Pacer Gentle Dog Training Device Review

Use the soft dog training equipment at Pooch Passer to make sure you and your puppy can enjoy the walk. This smart traction rope training device can provide non-punishment followers of punishment for you and your dog. Use this gadget to develop a good habit for your dog instead of enduring pulling the net and then pulling. The poach pacer will gently remind you two of how to get back on track and enjoy the walk.

This simple and effective device will emit a friendly beep to get your dog back to you. And, at the sound of beeping, it reminds you to reward your dog, making sure everyone is happy. The battery life of this gadget is up to 6 months, so you can use it whenever you need it. In addition, it is suitable for dogs of all sizes due to its strong design, which is as tough as any leash.

Pooch Pacer Gentle Dog Training Device

Pooch Pacer Gentle Dog Training Device Features

Dog training experts have used sound-based training (such as clicker training) and positive reinforcement for decades. But when you’re holding a leech and trying to control your dog, you don’t want to focus on pressing the clicker every time you pull.
Of course, there are other options such as electric shocks, chokes and fork collars, but if used incorrectly they can cause potential damage to their own problems such as dog airways that can actually be reactive.

The effective principle of the poach pacer is that when the pressure on the belt increases, it will emit a slight beeping sound (softer than the text sound of the mobile phone). This will remind you and your dog to reset and reset the quality behavior. It’s simple, effective, easy and most importantly – it won’t hurt your dog.
The Pooch Pacer has a long battery life that can hold your daily walk, the long-lasting lithium battery in the Pooch Pacer lasts up to 6 months and is easy to replace when it is finally worn out.

Splash-proof speakers keep the elements out, so you can be sure you’re covered regardless of the weather or rain. Poach Passer uses the most advanced membrane membrane that prevents moisture from entering but can easily transmit audio (the same membrane is used for high-end sports earbuds, so you know it is suitable for this job).

Pooch Pacer Gentle Dog Training Device

Pooch Pacer Gentle Dog Training Device Specification 

PACKAGE CONTENT:Pooch Pacer Gentle Dog Training Device, user mannual


Pooch Pacer Gentle Dog Training Device Price

If You Want to buy Pooch Pacer Gentle Dog Training Device You Can Get This Product ₹2889.90 INR Rupees.
And This Pooch Pacer Gentle Dog Training Device Price in Global Market $39 USD

Pooch Pacer Gentle Dog Training Device Price in USD $39 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Pooch Pacer Gentle Dog Training Device Price in India ₹2889.90 RUPEES


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