Plantone Mini Garden price in India, USA, Review

Plantone is an all-in-one lighting, water supply and planting system that allows users to plant up to 5 different species at once. With automatic water tanks and smart lighthouse sensors, people don’t have to worry about feeding too much water or taking care of their own indoor plants. Using real-time application technology, users can change the feeding settings of the tree when needed, so that the plants are as happy and healthy as possible. When using Plantone, enjoy

Although most of us have a flower or two inside the house, we do not necessarily realize how beneficial a healthy living environment is with plants and shrubs. Compared to any man-made product, the green plants inside can not only dazzle people, but it can also filter and clean the air perfectly. As a daily necessity, plastics and furniture release dangerous chemicals that can cause cancer in the long run, a master, more beautiful and more natural way to ensure that plants breathe safely into your living environment.

Plantone Mini Garden

Plantone Mini Garden Review

Regardless of your experience with the Plantone Smart Mini indoor garden, you will have the green thumb. This mini garden has a concise design, which provides ideal conditions for growing shrubs and plants. Planton’s automatic water storage tanks, smart light towers and applications can think of all the information you need. You don’t have to worry about forgetting water, watering or removing plants to get more light. Pride will do all this for you.

Incredibly, the app will tell you how much water each plant needs so you can adjust to individual farmers. Similarly, Planetone combines light throughout the day to maintain a perfect level. The device itself can use dedicated and even recyclable and redesigned content on Earth. With its minimalist aesthetics, Plantone is perfect for keeping in the kitchen, so you can add fresh herbs to any dish.

Plantone Mini Garden

Plantone Mini Garden Features

Needless to say, through photosynthesis, plants absorb the carbon dioxide that they breathe out and then convert it into oxygen for us to breathe. This means that as the oxygen in your living space increases, you will be really strong, strong and ready for the day ahead.

When converting to carbon dioxide, indoor plants can also act as a natural humidifier to increase the humidity in the air by 10% which has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for the sinuses, eyes, skin and other sensitive parts of the body.
With its smart lighting and patented-pending automated water supply system, Plantone is the only solution for everyone to grow safes and flowers indoors safely and successfully. Plantones provide the light that is necessary for plant growth and ensure proper photosynthesis, leading to faster plant growth and more sustainable growth.

Most importantly, the Plantone mobile app lets you control absolutely everything from your smartphone without neglecting the amount of light and water needed by baby plants. . Now, with Plantone you can have all the functions directly on your mobile device.
If you already have a plant parent or dream of planting a tree in your home one day, plantain is something you can consider. Whether you know for yourself how to take care of plants and how you don’t have the time or are afraid to grow on your own to not kill the plants, anyone can use plantons to germinate their green thumbs, so let’s do it! Here are a few life-changing reasons for this product

Plantone Mini Garden

Plantone Mini Garden Specification 

WATER Capacity:60 DAYS
LED:5x 3W
WEIGHT:4.2 lbs.
power:100 ~ 110V
DIMENSIONS:11.5×18 inches

PACKAGE CONTENT:Plantone Mini Garden, user mannual


Plantone Mini Garden Price

If You Want to buy Plantone Mini Garden You Can Get This Product 7318.81 INR Rupees.
And This Plantone Mini Garden Price in Global Market $99 USD

Plantone Mini Garden Price in USD $99 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Plantone Mini Garden Price in India ₹7318.81 RUPEES


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