PIVOT reinvented spray Bottle Review

Pivot is the first spray bottle with a rotary trigger sprayer that lets you spray from any angle until the last drop. PIVOT’s patented rotary trigger sprayer can rotate 180º freely while maintaining a horizontal position when using, maintaining perfect flow at any angle.
Most spray bottles require continuous filling of the pump to work properly. If you tilt an ordinary spray bottle up or down, eventually only air will escape. This means that you have to lose your flow to remove the air from spraying the chemical anywhere and fill the pump a few thousand times with your arm.

PIVOT reinvented spray Bottle

PIVOT reinvented spray Bottle Review

Welcome to PIVOT to say goodbye to the old cheap spray bottle and reinvent the spray bottle. This rotating spray bottle can spray every drop of liquid without constant filling, so there is no wastage. Whether you aim up or down, the bottle and pool tube remain in a constant position, so you can concentrate on the task. With the help of Pivot’s patented rotary sprayer, it can relax the angle of the wrist, so that you can bear the weight of the bottle effortlessly, and the pressure on the arm and wrist is less, making it ergonomic.

The height of the PIVOT has been reduced so that it can be easily submerged and stored under the shelves and it takes up less space than ordinary spray bottles. There is also a two-step trigger lock, which accidentally creates a challenge to the springs. Made with a wide mouth, it can easily complement PIVOT. A powerful, reusable tool, this bottle can be used indefinitely to reduce plastics and chemicals in waste flow.

PIVOT reinvented spray Bottle

PIVOT reinvented spray Bottle Features

Spray bottles have been around for over 60 years and have some obvious innovations. In fact, most of the innovations in the vicinity of spray bottles have focused on cutting costs to increase profits. Due to the low quality, this leads to an unsatisfactory user experience, which forces customers to discard old bottles instead of reusing them because they are not permanently designed.
Pivot is a strong, reliable and reusable spray bottle that can be used urgently at home or at work. Another effective tool for completing worry-free work.
Compared to a typical 32-ounce spray bottle, the overall size of the Pivot is smaller and it can increase transport load and retail shelf space by about 30%.

PIVOT reinvented spray Bottle

PIVOT reinvented spray Bottle Specification 

Trigger Pivot:180º
COLOR:Matte Black
MATERIAL:HDPE, Polypropylene, Viton
DIMENSIONS:5.6″ x 7.8″


PIVOT reinvented spray Bottle Price

If You Want to buy PIVOT reinvented spray Bottle You Can Get This Product ₹2171.96 INR Rupees.
And This PIVOT reinvented spray Bottle Price in Global Market $30 USD

PIVOT reinvented spray Bottle Price in USD $30 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
PIVOT reinvented spray Bottle Price in India ₹2171.96 RUPEES


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