PINKER printer price in India, USA, Review

The printer uses only ink made from cosmetic ingredients. So, prinker tattoos are like makeup! Princer S comes with a skin primer. Princer Skin Primer works in much the same way as cosmetic primer. To set up the scene, paste the printer ink and extend the life of the temporary tattoos
Princer tattoos can be washed with soap but they are waterproof and can be used seamlessly … until you finish bathing. If you are tired of a particular design or want to use another design in the same place, just wash it off! So dare to try!

PINKER printer

PINKER printer Review

Prinker is very simple. First sync your smartphone to our Princer app, then choose a few thousand available designs or draw from scratch altogether. Apply the skin from there to rejuvenate your instant tattoo and wipe the device across the entire area. Please be assured that we only use cosmetic grade ink, so there is no need to worry about infection or irritation.Your instant tattoo can be used for up to two days and you can easily delete it at any time if you have other interests. All prints are completely waterproof, which means you no longer have to hit the beach or swim in the pool. In fact, these are the best places to show off your new look.

PINKER printer

PINKER printer Features

Personalized Tattoos: Get creative and design your own black work tattoos. Choose from over 5000 unique designs in the mobile app. Old school, cartoon characters, geometric shapes etc. If you really want tattoos to be popular then Princer is your ideal choice.
Any occasion: Suitable for all ages including children and adults. Amazing marketing and advertising tools that are very suitable for hosting parties, events, festivals, DIY activities, body art, role picking, etc. will set your events and gatherings apart and help you stand out.
Easy, fast and fun: easy to use, find your design, tie the prinker device and have fun! Upload any design, logo or slogan you like and stick it on the skin in 3 seconds! Be creative and have fun with family and friends.
100% Skin Safe: Cruelty free cosmetic ink registered by FDA VCRP. Waterproof, lasts up to 2 days and washable. Prinker uses enough ink cartridges to apply about 1000 tattoos. The unique cosmetic formula of skin primer helps to fix the ink and prolong the life of the tattoo. Maximum tattoo size (width x length) 1 inch x 39 inches.

PINKER printer

PINKER printer Specification 

BATTERY:1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
WEIGHT:12 ounces
DIMENSIONS:5.8 x 2.3 x 3.6 inches
PACKAGE CONTENT:PINKER printer, user mannual


PINKER printer Price

If You Want to buy PINKER printer You Can Get This Product 20707.95 INR Rupees.
And This PINKER printer Price in Global Market $279 USD

PINKER printer Price in USD $279 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
PINKER printer Price in India ₹20707.95 RUPEES


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