Pilot Era 8K 360°Compact Camera PRICE IN INDIA, USA, REVIEW

3.1-Inch Touch Screen, Real-Time Feedback-Pilot Era has a high-definition 3.1-Inch Touch Screen that lets you track all real-time activities on the camera, such as monitoring, sewing, previewing, publishing, setting adjustments, and real-time streaming. Allows.

Pilot Era 8K 360°Compact Camera

Pilot Era 8K 360°Compact Camera Review

With the Pilot Era 8K 360 ° compact VR camera, you don’t need to bring any other equipment. This all-in-one camera lets you finish all activities without the help of a phone, computer or tablet. While recording, you can preview the video on the touch screen. This way you know if you want to shoot before you finish shooting.

This pocket camera is smaller than a normal beer can, which means you can easily fit it in your wallet, backpack or jacket pocket. It can be carried with you, so you can record around you and share them. If you are an interested traveler, the live streaming feature will be your choice. With an Internet or 4G connection, you can record high-quality real-time video to share with family and friends.

Pilot Era 8K 360°Compact Camera

Pilot Era 8K 360°Compact Camera Features

Unlike 8K video and photo stitching on cameras traditional traditional theatrical professional-grade 8K 360 ° VR cameras, the pilot does not require any post-processing on the computer. It can take 8K panoramic videos and photos and automatically sew them inside the camera.
Equipped with independent 4K real-time streaming-Ethernet and 4G cellular / dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity, pilots can stream 4 built-in panoramic content through its built-in server without the need for a computer.

Optimized for Street View photographers – As with Google Maps Street View Camera, Pilot supports built-in ultra-high-precision GPS and one-click uploads to Google Maps!
Small in size but powerful-pilot they can be installed in one hand It has an ultra-compact structure and weighs only 690g g It fits in any bag or large pocket.

Pilot Era 8K 360°Compact Camera

Pilot Era 8K 360°Compact Camera Specification 

Internal Storage:512 GB
Livestreaming:4K 30 fps
Connector Type:Wi-Fi
Lens Type:Fisheye
PACKAGE CONTENT:Pilot Era 8K 360°Compact Camera, USER MANNUAL


Pilot Era 8K 360°Compact Camera Price

If You Want to buy Pilot Era 8K 360°Compact Camera You Can Get This Product 134797.81 INR Rupees.
And This Pilot Era 8K 360°Compact Camera Price in Global Market $1799 USD

Pilot Era 8K 360°Compact Camera Price in USD $1799 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Pilot Era 8K 360°Compact Camera Price in India ₹134797.81 RUPEES


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