Phone Toaster Phone Sanitizer PRICE IN INDIA, USA, REVIEW

Phone Toaster Phone Sanitizer,The phone toaster uses a custom configuration of five LEDs in a non-contact light-proof housing, which can transmit UV-C light that destroys bacteria and bacteria on the entire surface of the phone, regardless of its brand or model.

Phone Toaster Phone Sanitizer

Phone Toaster Phone Sanitizer Review

Phone toaster is the most powerful mobile phone disinfectant in the world. Every time the phone is charged, it can be easily infected, making the phone’s disinfectant a daily habit. Phone toaster can kill all the harmful bacteria and viruses on your phone in just 5 minutes.
A very effective phone toaster uses five powerful UV-C LEDs to kill all the harmful bacteria and viruses on the phone in just 5 minutes.

Ultraviolet rays between 200-280nm are called UV-C or “bacterial ranges”, which have been shown to kill harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus. According to a briefing issued by the International Ultraviolet Association, it has also been shown to be effective against coronaviruses such as SAV and MERS (they are close relatives of COVID-19).

Phone Toaster Phone Sanitizer

Phone Toaster Phone Sanitizer Features

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the devices and surfaces we constantly come in contact with have become breeding grounds for viruses, so they are under review, and designers are coming up with solutions like this conceptual telephone toaster Leaving the device works then the device will be bathed in ultraviolet light to eliminate pathogens and it can also be charged wirelessly to improve overall efficiency.

Conceptual telephone toaster is a simple and effective device In the near future, this device will be widely accepted as consumers search for easy ways to keep their devices clean with minimal effort.

Phone Toaster Phone Sanitizer

Phone Toaster Phone Sanitizer Specification 

Dimensions: 234mm x 155.5mm x 120mm (w/h/d)

Weight: ~1.5 kg

Max Phone Size: 80.8 x 172.3 x 11.9 mm

Accommodates: iPhone11 Pro Max, Galaxy S20 Ultra and all smaller phones

Power: 12V 2A (Max 30W) with included adapter

Can Handle: 110V – 240V

Casing: ABS, PC

UV-C LEDs: 275nm (+/-10), at least 5 LEDs

Wireless Charging: 9V 1.67A 15W Qi-compatible fast charging

USB Charging: USB-A, 9V 1.67A 18W Fast Charging

Bluetooth Speaker: 8W, Bluetooth version 5.1



Phone Toaster Phone Sanitizer Price

If You Want to buy Phone Toaster Phone Sanitizer You Can Get This Product 6302.56 INR Rupees.
And This Phone Toaster Phone Sanitizer Price in Global Market $84 USD

Phone Toaster Phone Sanitizer Price in USD $84 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Phone Toaster Phone Sanitizer Price in India ₹6302.56 RUPEES


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