PediCurve Solar home foot therapy PRICE IN INDIA, USA, REVIEW

Pedicure Solar is also durable, durable and sustainable. The pediglass disc has a lifespan of several years, so you only need to use it a few times without replacing the parts.
Pedicure Solar Electronic Pedicure Equipment and Game Changer for Home Pedicure Therapy. Optimized and more advanced than our original Pedicruve, Pedicruve Solar is now as efficient, healthier and healthier as Pedicruve.. because the reason Peticruve has a great performance is because of our patented Pediglass Disc’s. After adding solar power it is now green, eco-friendly and completely flexible without batteries, cables, chargers and adapters.

PediCurve Solar home foot therapy

PediCurve Solar home foot therapy Review

Have you seen your feet recently? Yes, they need a little help. The pedicure solar home foot reflexology gadget is one way to massage it into perfection. This efficient, healthy and hygienic equipment uses full solar energy to provide pedicure services. Using patented pediglass discs, Pedicuve lets you choose between rough or soft massages. It only takes 30 seconds to give your feet the luxury treatment they deserve. Completely waterproof, this family pedicure gadget works best in the shower because it requires skin moisture. With efficient design, this green, durable gadget means you can say goodbye to running and wasting batteries. You will love the stylish Danish design. Simply place the pedicure in a sunny spot to replenish energy for the next foot massage at home.

PediCurve Solar home foot therapy

PediCurve Solar home foot therapy Features

Pedicure Solar uses a patented pediglass disc to remove crusts and calluses on the legs. The pedicure solar is designed for use in showers or bathtubs that are gentle, healthy and efficient.
Pedicuve Solar can easily go with you anytime, anywhere! Since pedicure solar cordless and no additional accessories are required, it can easily be placed in your bag or accompanying travel bag. In addition, the travel bag made of plastic is recyclable from the sea!
After pedicure solar treatment, it is important to apply our high-end intensive foot care cream so that the skin does not become dry. With a combination of intense winter and eucalyptus oil, our foot cream can help keep your feet fresh, moisturized and healthy.

PediCurve Solar home foot therapy

PediCurve Solar home foot therapy Specification 

Disc Options:Rough, Soft
PACKAGE CONTENT:PediCurve Solar home foot therapy,  USER MANNUAL


PediCurve Solar home foot therapy Price

If You Want to buy PediCurve Solar home foot therapy You Can Get This Product 5247.85 INR Rupees.
And This PediCurve Solar home foot therapy Price in Global Market $70 USD

PediCurve Solar home foot therapy Price in USD $70 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
PediCurve Solar home foot therapy Price in India ₹5247.85 RUPEES


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