PantryChic Smart Kitchen Storage System review

PantryChic Smart Kitchen Storage System will change your approach to preserving and preparing recipes. This versatile system eliminates the tedious steps of material preparation while reducing confusion.
Use PantyChic SmartCanisters to keep ingredients fresh and your pantry in order. Rectangular and stackable to maximize storage space.

Simplify measurements with automatic volume-to-weight conversion to ensure accuracy and consistency. Dial the quantity and press the watch button, as the components are delivered to your bowl from the smartcanisters, which eliminates the need for measuring instruments and reduces cleaning work.
Use your PantryChic system to complete a recipe from start to finish. Use the basic unit scale as a traditional digital scale to weigh dry ingredients, liquids, meats, etc. that are not stored on SmartCanisters. (11-pound capacity and unit is gram, ounce and pound)

PantryChic Smart Kitchen Storage System

PantryChic Smart Kitchen Storage System Review

Use the Pantricic Smart Kitchen Storage System Starter Kit to keep your kitchen organized and your components separate. If your remaining dry ingredients (such as flour, nuts, seeds, etc.) remain stale, the equipment will use a smooth, BPA-free jar to keep it fresh. Also, this smart kitchen gadget has an integrated digital scale to help control part size. It will automatically measure and accurately distribute the amount you need without any guesswork.

Therefore, you will get the most suitable amount for your recipe. In addition, by pushing a button, it can convert the volume of the material into weight. It provides better heartbeat accuracy. Overall, this eliminates the need for clutter in the kitchen and you will always know where everything is.

PantryChic Smart Kitchen Storage System

PantryChic Smart Kitchen Storage System Features

Airtight, BPA-free dry ingredients to keep ingredients fresh with food storage containers
Automatically and neatly spread the exact amount of each dry ingredient directly in your bowl of the unit of measurement (volume or weight) of your choice.
Save and distribute over 100 dried ingredients (flour, sugar, rice, quinoa, coffee, vanilla and spices, nuts, dried beans, etc

Integrate a versatile smart kitchen scale to ensure accuracy and ease of partial control.
Smart home appliances with Bluetooth capabilities can be integrated with the Sheffield Recipe app to provide a simplified experience. Discover new formulas, distribute remotely, manage and track content, deliver directly from your formula

PantryChic Smart Kitchen Storage System

PantryChic Smart Kitchen Storage System Specification 

Scale Max. Weight Capacity:11 lbs
WEIGHT:14.12 pounds
PRICE IN USD:$399.95
DIMENSIONS:10 x 7 x 11.5 inches
PACKAGE CONTENT:PantryChic Smart Kitchen Storage System, user mannual


PantryChic Smart Kitchen Storage System Price

If You Want to buy PantryChic Smart Kitchen Storage System You Can Get This Product ₹30026.65 INR Rupees.
And This PantryChic Smart Kitchen Storage System Price in Global Market $399.95 USD

PantryChic Smart Kitchen Storage System Price in USD $399.95 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
PantryChic Smart Kitchen Storage System Price in India ₹30026.65 RUPEES


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