Pact Full-Feedback Smart Massager Prices

Pact Full-Feedback Smart Massager, Inspired by professional trainers, the PACT system will create a massage experience for you according to your muscle contour and physical condition and provide you with the most effective recovery treatments. The Pact system runs on two devices: Pact Sense and Pact Pulse, both connected to your smartphone via Pact to connect to applications.
Pact Full-Feedback Smart Massager

Pact Full-Feedback Smart Massager Review

The PACT system first measures the condition of your muscles and then recommends appropriate recovery treatments. Pact Sense uses six sensors to track the user’s muscle readiness. The data collected allows the Pact mobile app to create personalized warm-up and recovery methods, allowing Pact Pulse to deliver specific and optimized messages.

Pact Sense is a state-of-the-art scanner with multiple sensors that can measure the characteristics of your muscles and provide a proper recovery treatment for them.

Pact Pulse intelligently adjusts its massage program based on your scan, giving you a personalized and effective recovery experience.
The measurements made by Pact Sense are based on an engineering discipline called “system identification”. Similarly you can feel the muscle knot, Pact Sense applies a special energy type to your muscles and “feels” by measuring their response.

Pact Full-Feedback Smart Massager

Pact Full-Feedback Smart Massager Features

Then calculate the mechanical properties of your muscles based on the data, which is the basis of your muscle readiness index.
Muscle preparation is an objective indicator of your muscle condition. A higher muscle readiness indicator indicates that your muscles have been properly prepared for sports activities and have cooled sufficiently after exercise.

A low muscle readiness indicator indicates that you are not ready to exercise at your best, and you are more likely to be injured or in pain.
The Pact system uses data from Pact Sense and your demographic information to calculate your muscle readiness index. Unlike an instructor or physical therapist, Pact provides objective data that can be used to track your progress.

Pact Full-Feedback Smart Massager

Pact Full-Feedback Smart Massager Specification 

PACKAGE CONTENT:Pact Full-Feedback Smart Massager, user mannual


Pact Full-Feedback Smart Massager Price

If You Want to buy Pact Full-Feedback Smart Massager You Can Get This Product ₹25,969 INR Rupees.
And This Pact Full-Feedback Smart Massager Price in Global Market $349 USD

Pact Full-Feedback Smart Massager Price in USD $349 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Pact Full-Feedback Massager Price in India ₹25,969 RUPEES


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