Ovis AI-Powered Suitcase price in India, USA, Review

Providing a truly hands-free and worry-free travel experience, the Ovis by ForwardX is perfect for modern day travelers. It integrates breakthrough proprietary computer vision technology, visual simultaneous positioning and mapping (VSLM) and artificial neural network algorithms developed by ForwardX, so that it can follow you automatically as well.

Moreover, the lateral tracking technology of Ovis is much more advanced than the tracking technology due to the need for prediction algorithms. With these advanced algorithms, Ovis can easily go with you at any time, so you don’t often have to look over your shoulder to see your luggage.

Ovis AI-Powered Suitcase

Ovis AI-Powered Suitcase Review

Ovis’s algorithm to avoid obstacles is based on autonomous driving technology. This innovative technology can accurately perceive and evaluate the environment, calculate distances and estimate directions and routes to avoid potential obstacles, with a deviation of +/- 1 cm with accuracy.
For other smart suitcases, removable batteries can be a headache. For Ovis, however, you can unplug the battery with a push of a button, check the safety, and then load it up and continue to enjoy hands-free luggage.

The Ovis has an internal volume of 34 liters, which can easily hold enough items for a full week of travel. Ovis uses durable and lightweight materials to make your trip light and smart.
Explain the concept of one-piece design and collaborate with the top manufacturers in the world. Ovis uses high-quality materials that are durable and light weight to give you maximum efficiency and performance. Carbon fiber is used at the corners of the Ovis wheels to ensure extra protection.

Ovis AI-Powered Suitcase

Ovis AI-Powered Suitcase Features

TSA removable battery approved
The built-in power bank can always keep your phone fully charged
Computer vision algorithms enable Ovis to automatically track from side to side and avoid obstacles
The world’s top producing trees guarantee quality of durability, lightness and water resistance
Double the anti-loss alarm + position tracker protection
Switch to traditional themed mode with one click

Ovis AI-Powered Suitcase

Ovis AI-Powered Suitcase Specification 

PACKAGE CONTENT:Ovis AI-Powered Suitcase, user mannual


Ovis AI-Powered Suitcase Price

If You Want to buy Ovis AI-Powered Suitcase You Can Get This Product ₹31859.33 INR Rupees.
And This Ovis AI-Powered Suitcase Price in Global Market $439 USD

Ovis AI-Powered Suitcase Price in USD $439 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Ovis AI-Powered Suitcase Price in India ₹31859.33 RUPEES


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