Oracle colorful titanium rings PRICE IN INDIA, USA, REVIEW

Titanium has many benefits, so it’s hard to ignore the incredible nature of titanium as a jewelry element. It is hypoallergenic. Different colors can be anodized. It is strong and durable. It can be easily shaped. It is more affordable than precious metals.
Silicone does not breathe well and can cause oil rashes on your fingers when sweating. Gold and silver are beautiful but some people are allergic to them. They are expensive and do not have many colors. Titanium is actually the most suitable material for this project.
Anodizing is the process of changing the metallic color by cutting a certain voltage by placing the metallic color in a special water bath to determine the voltage color. This requires a variable power supply and a reusable water bath

Oracle colorful titanium rings

Oracle colorful titanium rings Review

When wearing an Oracle colored titanium ring, you must stand out. Designed by true fashion lovers, each color ring is made of anodized titanium. Also, the edges of the oracle ring are beveled, which gives a really dazzling look. These high-quality rings are comfortable to wear and available in a variety of colors. In fact, you can choose from teal, ice blue, blue, purple, violet, bronze, gold and raw titanium.

The Creator obtains each color by charging the ring in water. In addition, titanium is an anti-allergic component, strong and durable. Therefore, you can be assured that it will be picked and will not carry germs and germs. These bands are almost indescribable and can make you last for many years. Each ring measures 9mm wide and 2.7mm high. It has US specifications and is available in increments of 5 to 15 and a half. These colorful titanium rings show uniqueness.

Oracle colorful titanium rings

Oracle colorful titanium rings Features

Specifications -9mm. Each ring is 9 mm wide. The height is 2.75mm and the edges are at the corners, which is very comfortable. These rings are meant to show personality and are really popular when you wear them.
Specification-5mm. The width of each ring is 5 mm. It has beveled edges for height 2mm and comfort. These rings are made for people who like small bands or who want to stack multiple colors together.

The prototype stage contains 5 mm. It is a 5mm wide removable titanium ring that can help you understand its appearance.
Each ring is cut on a lathe. It has been carefully cut and resized. It is then debuted, cleaned and polished. After polishing, use a hypersonic cleaner to clean it. Finally, they are ready for anodizing.

Oracle colorful titanium rings

Oracle colorful titanium rings Specification 

COLOR:Teal, Ice Blue, Blue, Purple, Violet, Bronze, Gold, Raw Titanium
MATERIAL:Anodized Titanium
DIMENSIONS:9 mm W x 2.7 mm H
PACKAGE CONTENT:Oracle colorful titanium rings, USER MANNUAL


Oracle colorful titanium rings Price

If You Want to buy Oracle colorful titanium rings You Can Get This Product 7019.93 INR Rupees.
And This Oracle colorful titanium rings Price in Global Market $94 USD

Oracle colorful titanium rings Price in USD $94 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Oracle colorful titanium rings Price in India ₹7019.93 RUPEES


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