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OnePlus Bullets Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds PRICES

Wire free. Free from charging stress. Bullets Wireless gives you an awesome audio experience. Charge for just 10 minutes and you can have up to 5 hours of noise. Bullets Wireless can give you freedom, power and convenience. Built for durability and comfort, you can easily switch between Music, Call and Google Assistant. All bases are included.
Use our new electromagnetic control function to control your music. You no longer have to press the pause button on your phone to pause the music.

OnePlus Bullets Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds Review

OnePlus Bullets Enjoy awesome sound with wireless magnetic Bluetooth earbuds. These wireless headphones do not require charging or wiring and can provide sound up to five hours after ten minutes of charging. With comfort and energy in mind during design, you can easily switch between music and calls.

Airplugs with Google Assistant are even provided to make life easier. Also, you can save reminders, ask for directions, and more without having to use the phone. Also, the electronic magnetic control function lets you clip the headphones together when you turn them off. If you want to start listening again, just separate them. Made of lightweight aluminum alloy, you can wear the comfortable headset all day. The extension-resistant attached to the headset just lets you walk around with confidence.

OnePlus Bullets Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds Features

Use magnetic force to clamp the bullets together to close it. When you are ready to recover the music, simply separate them. It’s that easy!
Thanks to the perfect aluminum alloy structure, whether you’re going to work out, practice or relax, the headphones can stay in place.

The earphones are connected by a stretch-resistant cable and the battery compartment can be comfortably placed on the neck.Combining Bullet’s wireless with Google Assistant can bring even more benefits. Get instant instructions at the bar, or save reminders for special dinners, without spending money on your phone. This is the ultimate way of interconnection.

OnePlus Bullets Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds Specification 

Bluetooth Range:10m
Listening Time:8 Hours
PACKAGE CONTENT:OnePlus Bullets Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds, USER MANNUAL


OnePlus Bullets Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds Price

If You Want to buy OnePlus Bullets Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds You Can Get This Product ₹5089.34 INR Rupees.
And This OnePlus Bullets Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds Price in Global Market $69 USD

OnePlus Bullets Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds Price in USD $69 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
OnePlus Bullets Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds Price in India ₹5089.34 RUPEES


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