Omniball rolling workout Ball PRICE IN INDIA, USA, REVIEW

Discover Aileen Sharon, the 2020 finalist for IDEA’s Dreamy Fitness Coach of the Year award.Rotating the fitness ball in all directions can improve your fitness experience. This fitness equipment was invented by Eileen Sharon, the final contender for the 2020 IDEA Coach of the Year

Omniball rolling workout Ball

Omniball rolling workout Ball Review

It is available at two and four pounds and can be fixed on your hands or feet. You can then use this rolling fitness ball for traditional endurance training and functional training. If you are a beginner fitness enthusiast or professional athlete, it helps you build strength, endurance and improve flexibility.

From yoga to aerobic practice, from core practice to flexibility training, everything. Rotate the ball 360 degrees perfectly to provide incredible speed of motion without any linear limitations. Additionally, this rolling fitness ball can stimulate hand-eye coordination and all your muscles, even the smallest muscles can often be overlooked. Involves two fitness videos, a full-featured fitness gadget that can help you improve your intellectual and cognitive functions!

Omniball rolling workout Ball

Omniball rolling workout Ball Features

For each order, the inventor’s two original fitness videos (“Full Body” and “All-Round Sports Elastic”) are provided free of charge.
The innovative patent omniball is available at 2 2 and 4. It provides an unprecedented combination of traditional theatrical sports and functional sports for the upper and lower body.

What makes this product unique is the 360 ​​° omnidirectional rolling system, which creates instability, challenging balance and provides a method of bodyweight exercise that is not available in the market today! Velcro straps can use the omniball as a no-grip weight for the hands or feet.

Omniball rolling workout Ball

Omniball workout Ball Specification 

Movement:360º Rolling
WEIGHT:2 lbs, 4 lbs
PACKAGE CONTENT:Omniball rolling workout Ball, USER MANNUAL


Omniball workout Ball Price

If You Want to buy Omniball rolling workout Ball You Can Get This Product ₹5919.70 INR Rupees.
And This Omniball rolling workout Ball Price in Global Market $79.99 USD

Omniball rolling workout Ball Price in USD $79.99 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Omniball rolling workout Ball Price in India ₹5919.70 RUPEES


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