Nubo Reusable Bio-PP Straw PRICE IN INDIA, USA, REVIEW

Bio-based plastics (non-biodegradable) will be the next generation of durable materials to replace petroleum-based plastics. In this event, we will bring you the new concept of bio-PP (bio-based polypropylene). It only takes 1 second to recover 100% air density of the original straw in 0.2 seconds. High quality quality requires 2 thousand times.

Smooth shape and comfortable lip touch. Nubo Straw provides you with a smooth and comfortable drinking experience. With an internal diameter of 7 mm it is ideal for smooth or fruit drinks.
Risk protection tips. Sometimes you have to risk the cup seal The general structure for sanitary purposes. The surface of the nubo straw is 100% exposed. There are no complex structures, such as grooves, latches, slits or any blind spots that can trap bacteria.

Nubo Reusable Bio-PP Straw

Nubo Reusable Bio-PP Straw Review

Nubo’s Reusable Bio-PP Straw has a huge goal of replacing petroleum-based plastics. They are trying to use bio-based plastics, which can only be the next generation of sustainable materials. This new concept of bio-based polypropylene (bio-PP) creates a durable and reusable straw. This pocket-sized gadget has an ergonomic design and is very light and can be carried around.

Just put it in two pieces in a nubox suitcase, you can easily put it in your pocket. Besides, it is also completely healthy because there is no hidden part in the uncovered design. So it is always easy to keep clean. When you’re ready to take a sip, just click on two parts at the same time. The internal diameter of Nubo straw is designed to be 7mm, which can be used with any beverage.

Nubo Reusable Bio-PP Straw

Nubo Reusable Bio-PP Straw Features

The bottom of the nubox has a simple hollow shape of drain hole (nubo box) and it will not get stuck in the water. Ventilation holes on the side of the nubox help to dehumidify. Every time you use it, Nubo Straw is fresh and tasteless.
The opening of the nubox is large and the nubo straw can be easily packed. You don’t have to worry about reusable straw storage. We’ve made Nubox as easy as possible to save you time!

The slender nubox (18mm) can be stuffed into a jeans pocket, stuffed into a small bag, or hung with a backpack. Nubo straw is well protected and kept away from dust. Keep Nubox with you wherever you go. Go wisely.
Recyclable: When the life of the Nubo Straw is over, it can be recycled in the same flow as the flowing PP.
Durability is the key to designing high quality reusable straws. The basic idea of ​​Nubo Straw is to cut the original straw in half and redesign the specific joint without using O-ring seals, threads or grooves.

Nubo Reusable Bio-PP Straw

Nubo Reusable Bio-PP Straw Specification 



Nubo Reusable Bio-PP Straw Price

If You Want to buy Nubo Reusable Bio-PP Straw You Can Get This Product 1247.10 INR Rupees.
And This Nubo Reusable Bio-PP Straw Price in Global Market $17 USD

Nubo Reusable Bio-PP Straw Price in USD $17 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Nubo Reusable Bio-PP Straw Price in India ₹1247.10 RUPEES


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