NOTA Mole Tracker Price in India, USA, Review

NOTA Mole Tracker, Melanoma is the most dangerous type of skin cancer, disguised as a common mole.
The device can be used to detect potential skin cancer at an early stage, greatly increasing the chances of surgical removal of moles, avoiding the need for chemotherapy and limiting the treatment needed to prevent the spread of metastases in your body.

NOTA Mole Tracker

NOTA Mole Tracker Review

Use NOTA Mole Tracker to stay healthy. The device was created by a team of engineers and medical professionals and can detect mole pathology within 20 seconds. In fact, its technology works by comparing the signals of healthy skin patches with suspected melanoma. If you know how to use a thermometer, you can use NOTA. Just scan the mole and let the neural network test the data.

As a very compact device, it is very suitable for use at home or anywhere else. The next time you go on vacation take it with you or meet family members who may benefit from using it. In addition, the attached application allows you to draw moles and track them. And you can use one device for the whole family! Finally, the brand supports early diagnosis and traditional healthcare, sending people to a doctor at the right time.

NOTA Mole Tracker

NOTA Mole Tracker Features

NOTA is based on scientific advances made in the last century. The technology works by comparing signals from healthy skin patches to signals from suspected melanoma. NOTA Mole Tracker is completely safe for children, the elderly and pregnant women.

NOTA’s core bioimpedance analysis technology is commonly used on fitness trackers and smart scales that can determine your body composition (muscle, fat and bone ratio).
Talk to one of the skin cancer fighters (melanoma and basal cell carcinoma) immediately. Free support in 5 languages ​​from 7 countries / regions of the world. NOTA is easy to hold in your hand, convenient for carrying and traveling.

Suspicious moles require regular monitoring. You can set reminders in the app to track! Keep track of your medical records by entering the doctor’s diagnosis in the app. This data will be synced to your account and will be available even if you change your phone

NOTA Mole Tracker

NOTA Mole Tracker Specification 

Technology:Bioimpedance Analysis
App Compatibility:Android, iOS
SUPPORT:5 Languages, 7 Countries
PACKAGE CONTENT:NOTA Mole Tracker, user mannual


NOTA Tracker Price

If You Want to buy NOTA Mole Tracker You Can Get This Product ₹16425.86 INR Rupees.
And This NOTA Mole Tracker Price in Global Market $220 USD

NOTA Mole Tracker Price in USD $220 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
NOTA Mole Tracker Price in India ₹16425.86 RUPEES


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