Njori Tempo Smart Cooker price in India, USA, Review

Injury was founded on a love of food and great design. As product designers and avid chefs, our recipes lack new recipes and technique-precision when taking place.
This dilemma makes the design and development brain think: why is there no product that can provide complete control and unlimited experimental possibilities, but it adopts a well thought out design and only takes up a small portion of the cabinet space?

When you cook, the spring-type direct contact temperature sensor will constantly monitor the pot temperature.

Njori Tempo smart cooker

Njori Tempo Smart Cooker Review

Use the Injury Tempo Smart Cooker to shorten your cooking time. This type of smart induction cooker can actually measure, monitor and control temperature and weight. It takes care of the details, so you can focus on making sure the taste is just right. This is a precision oven, you can use sauce-vd cooking, frying, slow cooking and other temperature-sensitive techniques.

With the built-in scale, Injury Tempo weighs these ingredients before, during and after cooking so you can get the right amount of plating. Additionally, you can use a scale to lose weight which is a great feature that can create new consistency with stocks and sauces. Finally, it uses a modern design to store your favorite recipes perfectly and all accessories can be fitted to the cork base.

Njori Tempo smart cooker

Njori Tempo Smart Cooker Features

The tempo then adjusts the energy to maintain your desired temperature. This ensures consistent results and helps you perfect your recipes.Preset modes are paired with temperature probes to complete the most adventurous recipes.
The sauce-vid cooking method was patented in professional kitchens, but the tempo can use a feedback loop to set and maintain a certain temperature, so it’s easy to make instant Asian pork belly, Korean beef ribs and soft-braised salmon at home. The water conductor and probe are simply mixed to turn your pan into a water bath, suitable for gentle cooking.

Frying also uses a probe attachment, which can be easily attached to the side of the pan. The probe will automatically adjust the temperature when you place the cold ingredients in the pan, allowing you to easily fry crispy fried chicken, light and crispy tempura shrimp or delicious donuts.
The taste of slow cooking can lose nothing – but a huge slow cooking can take up valuable cabinet space. You can use the pan and anjury tempo of your choice to slowly serve float stew or casseroles in cooking mode.

Njori Tempo smart cooker

Njori Tempo Smart Cooker Specification 

Power delivery:1800W/240V, 1600W/120V
Temp. Range:86º–482º F
PRICE IN USD:$450.02
DIMENSIONS:28 x 37 cm
PACKAGE CONTENT:Njori Tempo Smart Cooker, User mannual


Njori Tempo Smart Cooker Price

If You Want to buy Njori Tempo Smart Cooker You Can Get This Product ₹32959.46 INR Rupees.
And This Njori Tempo Smart Cooker Price in Global Market $450.02 USD

Njori Tempo Smart Cooker Price in USD $450.02 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Njori Tempo Smart Cooker Price in India ₹32959.46 RUPEES


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