Nine Millimeter SMART Earphone REVIEW

Munitio also embodies brand strength, personality, authenticity and style. The team is made up of experienced, enthusiastic and design experts in the music industry. They are passionate about music and its power, enriching life and connecting with the community. The products are designed for professionals in the music industry, audiophils and individuals who consistently expect sound quality. Integrated advanced design, excellent mobility and cutting edge technology.

Nine Millimeter SMART Earphone

Nine Millimeter Earphone Review

Use these 9mm earphones to make your music time more powerful. It’s nothing more than an audio master. With its enthusiastic built-in design, the headset can provide your ears with a smooth and clear sound, which will make your music journey more enjoyable to the ears. The kit is made with a single piece copper alloy shell and Kevlar fiber reinforced cabling, which looks unusual and is very durable. The embedded 3-button suppressor [M] IC control lets you easily make calls or change tracks anytime, anywhere. The earplugs also have a classic metallic texture, making the whole device appealing to music enthusiasts out there. Put the music aside, but the style is unique.

Nine Millimeter SMART Earphone

Nine Millimeter Earphone Features

A 9mm speaker driver with rare earth neodymium magnets can achieve great dynamic range and fast recovery.
Titanium coated machined copper alloy housing with Munitio
Online suppressant IC controls for clear voice and hands-free operation
Silicone blank stains with sound insulation technology ensure a comfortable fit,
Kevlar Fiber Reinforced Cable with 24K Gold-Plated 3.5mm Stereo Plug for Fantastic Audio Signal Transmission
The shaft enhancement chamber is carefully designed to produce the deepest and most accurate shaft without distortion.
Compatible with industry-leading MP3 as well as smart phone and tablet devices
Produce music with lower volume and better sound.

Nine Millimeter SMART Earphone

Nine Millimeter SMART Earphone Specification 

WEIGHT:4 ounces
PRICE IN USD:$149.99
DIMENSIONS:50 x 1 x 1 inches


Nine Millimeter SMART Earphone Price

If You Want to buy Nine Millimeter SMART Earphone You Can Get This Product ₹11201.53 INR Rupees.
And This Nine Millimeter SMART Earphone Price in Global Market $149.99 USD

Nine Millimeter SMART Earphone Price in USD $149.99 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Nine Millimeter SMART Earphone Price in India ₹11201.53 RUPEES


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