NEXFAN ULTRA Review Mini AC With AIR Sterilization System UV Light

NEXFAN ULTRA Review: Introducing the all-new NexFan Ultra, the world’s first UV germicidal air cooler with powerful cooling and high energy efficiency. NexFan Ultra doesn’t just provide cool air. It is a 4-in-1 device that offers multiple forms of superior air quality including refrigeration, humidification and air purification.
Basically, it produces a USB charger and super-portable instant cooling, and uses a double sterilization mechanism to automatically clean and purify the internal reservoir. In addition, UV-C sterilization technology is widely used throughout the structural design. This also helps reduce the buildup of bacteria on the filter. In addition, a UV-C LED lamp underneath the cooler’s storage tank continuously interprets the entire interior of the cooler from every angle, killing 99.9% of the bacteria in the water.

NEXFAN ULTRA price in india


NexFan Ultra doesn’t just provide cool air. It is a 4-in-1 device that offers various forms of outstanding air quality, including refrigeration, humidification, air purification, and aromatherapy. It cools instantly, has excellent portability with a USB charger, and automatically cleans the internal reservoir.
The NexFan Ultra Air Cooler creates a comfortable microclimate wherever you go by instantly providing a 5 ° C / 9 ℉ cooled breeze. Unlike traditional evaporative coolers, we do it faster, allowing more coverage at much longer wind distances.

Traditional air coolers take minutes to provide a proper atmosphere, but with NexFan you’ll feel a cool breeze in just a few seconds. So what is the secret? NexFan Ultra takes cool air to the next level by using an atomizer. Traditional wet coolers use only moisture pads. The atomizer increases the amount of spray by depressurizing the water and realizes a rapid temperature drop. In addition, the device incorporates a 4.8 x 10 cm plant fiber curtain. This thickened fiber can be soaked in more water, allowing more evaporation.
Is it even colder? Try adding ice to a really frozen wind.

In many cases, conventional coolers cannot extend the cooling distance. The NexFanUltra’s strong airflow can deliver a breezy and breeze up to 5 feet. NexFanUltra makeup consists of a three-dimensional wavy network of wet curtains and a sterile filter. This structure creates smooth, natural air and improves air circulation at multiple blows angles up to 90 ° apart. Evenly distributed winds project strong cooling and there is no headache given that the winds do not blow in the anomalous/local areas.


Upgraded atomizer, faster cooling. (You can also choose to use ice cubes or ice crystals). You can use it in various scenes. (After exercise, cooking in the kitchen, RV, etc.)
You can use a USB charger (battery not included) to connect to a power outlet or power bank. Please use fixed or portable. Place it indoors or outdoors … the decision is up to you, but many options are available.
Are you worried about leaks? Are you worried about your camp bed getting wet with water or your office desk getting wet? Thanks to NexFan Ultra’s enhanced construction, this is not a problem. Extensive testing has shown that NexFan’s fortified container remains safe, even when shaken or rattled, and your belongings remain safe and dry no matter what.

NexFan Ultra can do more with less energy. why? The NexFan Ultra has low operating power while you work, so you can access your “cooler on the go”. Compared to other traditional swamp coolers or regular fans, it is much more energy-efficient. Charged with a 10,000 mAh power bank, it supports a 12-hour service period. This is much more efficient than the major coolers on the market, especially with a full reservoir of 500ml. You don’t have to worry about interrupting your outdoor day trip.


The NexFan Ultra is extremely smooth with a distinctive stealth look and discreet design. With a size of only 14.4 x 16.1 x 15.9 cm, the NexFan Ultra is extremely portable and easy to carry into your baggage. It is shorter than a handbag and weighs less than 1 kg. There are so many places to go, why don’t you take your NexFan Ultra with you?

Tired of old fans who sound like outdated generators? NexFan’s new noise block design keeps noise levels below 68 dB, even when striving to stay refreshed. The noise reduction level has been increased by 30%, ensuring a quiet and calm personal space wherever you are.

NexFan has three other modes at startup rather than focusing solely on cooling. You can switch between normal cooling mode and humidification cooling mode. In a dry environment, cooling in humidified mode is muscular and calm. In damp areas, you can turn off humidification and enjoy a crisp, dry breeze. NEXFAN ULTRA Review

With a germicidal filter, NexFan Ultra can prevent the growth of bacteria, limit the pollution in the water tank, clean the air quality of the outside, and remove the bacterial odor.

To make it a little more fun, NexFan has additional color options. Our ambient LED lights feature a 7-color rainbow array that lets you set your mood to suit your mood. If you prefer a quiet time yourself, add a little aromatherapy oil and enjoy better sleep. Leave the LED on at night as an emergency night light or to feel safer around you.


NEXFAN ULTRA How its Work!

What’s worse than a dirty filter? It breeds in standing water with invisible bacteria and microorganisms. NexFan Ultra makes extensive use of UV-C technology throughout the structural design. This will reduce the build-up of bacteria on the filter. Even better, a UV-C LED lamp is placed under the cooler’s storage tank to continuously illuminate the entire interior of the cooler from all angles. This continuous disinfection ensures that the air remains blown out. There is no need to combine cleanliness and comfort. Fortunately, we have the NexFan Ultra.

NexFan Ultra’s silver ions enhance the cleanliness of water before expelling cold air. This allows for filtration before mold and bacteria develop. NEXFAN ULTRA Review The NexFan Ultra Germ-free Filter also uses state-of-the-art nanotechnology to embed the bacteriostatic silver wire into the filter element to control bacterial growth. You do not have to keep changing filters. The filter construction not only saves the cleaning effort but also saves space.

Finally, the filter is removable and washable. Instead of throwing away used filters, NexFan Ultra offers the option to recycle the filters. For normal use, you only need to clean it every two months. However, there is always an alternative way to completely replace the filter. Check the options in the “Accessories” section.

NEXFAN ULTRA Specification 

BATTERY: 10,000 mAh power bank supports
HARDWARE: Fiber Plastic, Motor, Uv Light
BATTERY RUN TIME: 12-hour service length
CHARGE TIME: 4-5 hour
MATERIAL: Fiber Plastic
PRICE IN USD: $44.98
DIMENSIONS: 14.4×16.1×15.9 cm
PACKAGE CONTENT: NexFan Ultra Body, Germ-free Filter, USB Cable


If You Want to buy NEXFAN ULTRA You Can Get This Product ₹3,442 INR Rupees.
And This NEXFAN ULTRA Price in Global Market $39.25 USD

NEXFAN ULTRA Price in dollar $44.98 USD
NEXFAN ULTRA Price in Indian Money ₹3,442 RUPEES


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