NexFan Ultra Portable AC with Cooling Prices and uses

The 4-in-1 Multifunctional Air Cooler Nexfan Air Conditioner Cooler is not only a personal air cooler, but also has a desktop fan, air humidifier and LED ambient light. You can use a small evaporative air cooler all year round to keep you cool in the hot summer and to keep the air humid in the dry autumn and winter. Stay away from dry, hot air and enjoy the fog.
In a three-speed fan with some ice or ice water in the fridge, turn on this portable air cooler, it will cool down in a few seconds.

NexFan Ultra Portable AC with Cooling

NexFan Ultra Portable AC with Cooling Review

Easy two-control three-speed cooler fan, steam-based cooler is designed for personal space cooling. You can choose the ideal air force according to your needs. You can enjoy low speed exercises in the heat, moderate speed exercises in the relaxation and high speed exercises.
To give you more fun with 7 LED night lights, Nexfan has added color options. Ambient LED lights have a rainbow array of 7 colors, allowing you to set your own mood as you wish. If you want to spend some quiet time on your own, add some aromatherapy oils to improve sleep. In case of emergency leave the LED at night as a night light or just feel safe in the surrounding environment.

NexFan Ultra Portable AC with Cooling

NexFan Ultra Portable AC with Cooling Features

Cooling and Humidifying Evaporator The cooler is equipped with a honeycomb cooling pad and washable filter. Easy to operate port, you just need to pour ice cubes in ice water to cool the air.
This light air conditioner fan is specially designed for lightweight and energy-saving use. It is easy to carry and does not take up very suitable space for bedroom, office, dormitory, travel etc. Enjoy cool feeling without worrying about electricity bills. Just a few cents a day.

Not only does the Nexfan Ultra provide you cool air, it is also a four-in-one device that can deliver great air quality in a variety of forms, including refrigeration, humidity, air purification and aromatherapy. It can create instant cooling, be super-portable with a USB charger, and automatically clean and purify the internal water storage tank.

The NexFanUltra air cooler creates a comfortable microclimate by providing air in the 5 C / 9 C environment where you want. Moment Unlike traditional steam evaporation coolers, we can accomplish this faster and achieve greater coverage with longer air distances.

NexFan Ultra Portable AC with Cooling

NexFan Ultra Portable AC with Cooling Specification 

Size: 5.67*6.34*6.25 in

Net weight: 1.76 lbs

Power: 10W

Wind distance: 5ft

Blowing angle: 90° perpendicular

Fan speed:  strong/medium/small

Noise level(dB): Under 68

Water tank capacity: 500ml

Lighting: 7-color LED

PACKAGE CONTENT:NexFan Ultra Portable AC with Cooling, user mannual


NexFan Ultra Portable AC with Cooling Price

If You Want to buy NexFan Ultra Portable AC with Cooling You Can Get This Product ₹5858.85 INR Rupees.
And This NexFan Ultra Portable AC with Cooling Price in Global Market $79 USD

NexFan Ultra Portable AC with Cooling Price in USD $79 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
NexFan Ultra Portable AC with Cooling Price in India ₹5858.85 RUPEES


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