NabOt AI smart Home RObOt price in INDIA, USA, REVIEW

A  RObOt is a remote control robot that has become programmable, intelligent and autonomous.IT can be your playmate and a tool to explore the world of artificial intelligence and robotics. You can teach it to identify and identify objects and people. The robot’s stiff hands and thumb-like claws make it easy to hold and move objects,

NabOt AI smart Home RObOt

NabOt AI smart Home RObOt Review

Nabots can be trained using an easy-to-use interface. Tasks can be placed on the nabot instantly. For example, you can program to collect items and place them on designated garbage sheets, mop or vacuum the floor, or clean packaging. You can customize these tasks or discover new ones as needed.,
You can program the nabot to do the housework in your own way. You can teach it in aquatic plants, grab a TV remote or vacuum. It may not be able to do these tasks as perfectly as humans. but the process of learning in code and programs is very interesting. How do you teach it to use the Winning Pan to collect Lego blocks? Let your imagination fly.


Just add more blocks and we can convert the circle drawing code to cleanup code. In some steps, while drawing a circle, the robot will return to the package, remove the wrist a few times to disinfect the package, and then go back to continue walking in the circle.
Another example is to vacuum the floor. All you need to do is connect the portable vacuum cleaner firmly to the nabot. The robot will remove the vacuum cleaner according to the pattern specified in your code. A common mode is to clean stains, which is to clean the environment around the robot

NabOt AI smart Home RObOt

NabOt AI smart Home RObOt Features

You don’t need a degree in rocket science to understand Nabot’s simple coding interface. Create unique tasks that are important to you from your smartphone. Drag and drop with confidence.To get acquainted with the coding interface, let’s look at an example. Let’s start with a simple code to operate a nabot with an imaginary circle.


NabOt AI smart Home RObOt

NabOt AI smart Home RObOt Specification 

PACKAGE CONTENT:NabOt AI smart Home RObOt, USER MANNUAL,2X 3500mah batteries,Charging cable


NabOt AI smart Home RObOt Price

If You Want to buy NabOt AI Home RObOt You Can Get This Product 19310.39 INR Rupees.
And This NabOt AI Home RObOt Price in Global Market $259 USD

NabOt AI Home RObOt Price in USD $259 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
NabOt AI Home RObOt Price in India ₹19310.39 RUPEES


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