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MUZEN MINI Rugged Wireless Speaker Review and prices

The MUZEN MINI Rugged Wireless Speaker introduced a military-style presence, wherever you are, it can emit surprisingly loud and crisp sounds. The Muzen Wild Mini has an all-metal body design, IPX5 water resistance and a built-in outdoor flashlight that makes it an ideal portable speaker for travel or outdoor adventure.

MUZEN MINI Rugged Wireless Speaker Review

Whether you’re an outdoor adventurer or a street party champion, the Muzen Wild Mini can serve you anytime, anywhere. The small size of the speaker allows you to use a belt to clip to the backpack when traveling or going for a walk, or to hang in a tent when camping. Enjoy each of your favorite moments as an adventure soundtrack.
The Muzen Wild Mini can prevent water from entering from any direction. This is essential for your new beach or pool party.

It can save you from the sand and surf while giving you a powerful listening experience. 3 light modes (including high, low and SOS flashlights) can help you in the dark. Guide. Increase playing time. The Muzen Wild Mini can provide full playback time of up to 6 hours on a single charge.
The Muzen Wild Mini uses large diameter speakers made of rare individual magnets (N40 NdFeB magnets) to optimize sound transmission. This type of powerful magnet is widely used in precision instruments such as warplanes. The Muzen Wild Mini can produce surprisingly larger and more accurate sounds compared to typical speakers of the same size.


MUZEN MINI Rugged Wireless Speaker Features

Muzen Wild Mini was designed and adapted by Zhen Dejun, the creator of Muzen, a well-known figure in the Chinese audio industry, who spent many years restoring old radios. The Wild Mini uses advanced DSP technology, high-power digital amplifiers and full metal cavity resonance, which can deliver full-spectrum sound and powerful bass at high volume without losing precision.

Muzen is an audio brand that combines aesthetics and technology. Our team is made up of experienced audio engineers and designers who have worked at Muzen Audio for almost 40 years.
Before joining Wild Mini, Muzen Audio focused on creating stylish old-fashioned portable speakers. The Wild Mini is a new concept, inspired by the highest quality military-specific equipment. Tough and wild, the mini but powerful and rare earth is built on magnetic technology, which can greatly optimize the quality of the sound.

MUZEN MINI Rugged Wireless Speaker Specification 

PACKAGE CONTENT:MUZEN MINI Rugged Wireless Speaker, user mannual


MUZEN MINI Rugged Wireless Speaker Price

If You Want to buy MUZEN MINI Rugged Wireless Speaker You Can Get This Product 5858.85 INR Rupees.
And This MUZEN MINI Rugged Wireless Speaker Price in Global Market $79 USD

MUZEN MINI Rugged Wireless Speaker Price in USD $79 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
MUZEN MINI Rugged Wireless Speaker Price in India ₹5858.85 RUPEES


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