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Motorcycle Fingerprint Review: Vehicle security is an important issue as vehicle theft has increased in recent years. Another issue with vehicles is the handling of that key. The key must be carried, and misplacement or loss of the key causes serious problems. Here we propose a solution to this problem by using the fingerprint recognition vehicle starter system. This system provides a safe and hassle-free way to start/stop the vehicle engine.
The user only has to scan his finger to start the car and does not have to carry the key. The system allows only authorized users to start the vehicle. The user can first scan the fingerprint and enroll in the system. This system allows multiple users to register as authorized users. When in monitor mode, the system will check for users to scan. Upon scanning, the system will check if the user has an authorized user and will start the vehicle for the authorized user only. I am using an atmega 32 microcontroller. The fingerprint sensor is connected to the microcontroller. There is also an LCD display with push buttons and starter motors. The motor is used as a vehicle starter. This system uses a fingerprint-based system to automate as well as vehicle security.

Motorcycle Fingerprint

Motorcycle Fingerprint Review

This project uses Arduino to interface with a fingerprint sensor and Arduino to design a fingerprint sensor based self-bike starter. The type of fingerprint module we are using is the R305 fingerprint scanner module. Security is a major concern in our daily lives, and digital locks have become an important part of these security systems. The fingerprint sensor base is one of the safest bicycle starting systems as it has the ability to identify and identify everyone individually without error. In addition, the module is so small that it can be stored anywhere, has excellent portability, and consumes less power, so it can be carried anywhere.

Motorcycle Fingerprint

Motorcycle Fingerprint How its Work!

This is a fingerprint sensor module with a TTL UART interface for direct connection to a microcontroller UART or PC via a MAX232 / USB-serial adapter. Users can store fingerprint data on the module and can be configured in 1: 1 or 1: N mode to identify an individual. The fingerprint module can directly interface with any microcontroller or Arduino board. This optical biometric fingerprint reader has excellent features and can be integrated into various end products such as access control systems, attendance systems, safety boxes, car door lock systems, and so on.

Motorcycle Fingerprint

Motorcycle Fingerprint Specification 

Hardware Specifications: Atmega Microcontroller

Fingerprint Sensor: DC Motor

Buzzer: LCD Display

Crystal Oscillator: Resistor

Capacitor: Transistor

Cable and Connector: Diode

PCB and Breadboard: LED

Transformer/Adapter Push: Button

Switch: IC

IC Socket: Software Specification

MC Programming Language: C

Motorcycle Fingerprint Price

If You Want to buy Motorcycle Fingerprint You Can Get This Product ₹7,900 INR Rupees.
And This Motorcycle Fingerprint
 Price in Global Market $104.82 USD

Motorcycle Fingerprint Price in dollar $104.82 USD
Motorcycle Fingerprint Price in Indian Money ₹7,900 RUPEES


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