Moshi Deep Purple origami UV sanitizer review

Dition-resistant UV disinfectants are heavy and can only be cleaned on one side of the equipment. Deep Purple is a foldable UV disinfectant that can be cleaned in 360 degrees, allowing your equipment to be cleaned anytime and anywhere Personal Deep Purple provides an effective, safe and chemical free way to clean anytime, anywhere.

Usually, the most touched items are the diaries. Deep Purple is designed to clean everyday necessities and can be carried anywhere. Other UV disinfectants can only clean the top of the device, which means you still have to touch it when you turn it to clean the other side. Moses deep purple ™ UV disinfectant can clean 360 degrees. Transparent Lumi Clare ্যাট The platform has a super-reflective PTFE base to increase the height of your equipment and ensure that each surface is disinfected.

Moshi Deep Purple origami UV sanitizer

Moshi Deep Purple origami UV sanitizer Review

Moses is a pioneer in the field of technical accessories, committed to developing high quality products, with an emphasis on great design, high quality products and environmental awareness. The Deep Purple Origami style UV disinfectant presents Moses ’philosophy for a cleaner, safer and healthier life. The device can only be folded to a thickness of two centimeters and can easily slide into a bag or backpack. This ultraviolet disinfectant uses mercury-free UV-C LED lamps to kill bacteria and bacterial infections in personal belongings.

The lamp can be disinfected in just four minutes and 360 in one cycle. Can be cleaned. The UV effect indicator lets you know that the contents are completely exposed. Also, there is a double error protection function to ensure that there are no UV leaks. Use a USB power source (such as a wall adapter, car charger, or portable battery) to survive the “dark purple”. The deep purple UV disinfectant can work in almost any environment and is ideal for cleaning items anytime, anywhere.

Moshi Deep Purple origami UV sanitizer

Moshi Deep Purple origami UV sanitizer Features

Using the included USB cable, the Purple Purple can be powered by a wall adapter, car charger or portable battery, giving you maximum cleaning freedom in coffee shops, parks, hotels and anywhere in between.
Thanks to its portable design, you can carry Deep Purple with you and use it almost anywhere, including offices, restaurants, parks, airports, airplanes, train stations, workshops and road trips.
Uses deep purple ultraviolet C-type light that targets the DNA of microorganisms at the cellular level and denies them the ability to reproduce. With traditional UV disinfectants, you can find out if the disinfectant is really effective, but you have no choice but to believe their claims.

Deep Purple’s UV indicators have a UV-responsive coating that changes color upon exposure to UV-C rays, providing visible evidence that the interior has been adequately exposed to UV rays.
Ultraviolet rays are emitted from the LED light inside the deep purple and reflected inside to cover the whole region. Ultraviolet rays work by destroying the structure of microbial cells so that they cannot reproduce or reproduce. Because the lamps are cheap, they use deep purple UV-C LED technology, which is great in quality and performance.

Moshi Deep Purple origami UV sanitizer

Moshi Deep Purple origami UV sanitizer Specification 

Folded Thickness:2 cm
PACKAGE CONTENT:Moshi Deep Purple origami UV sanitizer, user mannual


Moshi Deep Purple origami UV sanitizer Price

If You Want to buy Moshi Deep Purple origami UV sanitizer You Can Get This Product ₹8783.39 INR Rupees.
And This Moshi Deep Purple origami UV sanitizer Price in Global Market $119 USD

Moshi Deep Purple origami UV sanitizer Price in USD $119 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Moshi Deep Purple origami UV sanitizer Price in India ₹8783.39 RUPEES


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