MOSFiATA Selfie Ring Light review and price

The new upgraded design for the 2020 10.2-inch ring light has 3 colors (white, warm and cool), each color has 11 brightness, a total of 33 options. It provides color adjustment color temperature of brightness of 2900K-5700K. The ring light uses 120 SMD LED lights with 3500 lumens and the brightness increases by more than 35%; The ring light uses an orc lampshade compared to a flat lampshade, the light softness of the upgraded lampshade is increased by 20%, which can reduce the light to stimulate the eye.

MOSFiATA Selfie Ring Light

MOSFiATA Selfie Ring Light Review

The Mosfita 10.2 “Selfie Ring Light brings you incredible images and videos. The brightness level is adjusted, and the brightness adjustment range is 2,900 to 5,700K using 120 SMD LEDs and reaches 3500 lumens. With the help of a durable aluminum alloy tripod, you can adjust the height from 16 to 63 inches.

Also, the standfoot 15-inch width is a combination of two useful gadget-ring lights and cell phone holders suitable for live streaming, video blog Photography etc. Finally it can be used with almost any smartphone and any device with any USB port.The 10.2 inch self-timer ring light can be controlled remotely using only the remote control.

MOSFiATA Selfie Ring Light

MOSFiATA Selfie Ring Light Features

Extensible and stable tripod stand Different standing stands of different heights: extending from 16 inches to 63 inches, just lock it to the required length, making it possible to use folding triple or bracket on the floor. The bracket is made of durable aluminum alloy, which is very strong. The legs of the stand are wider (15 “) than usual (12”), providing durability which is usually lacking in large ring light settings. Compatible with Camera, SLR, GoPro, Camcorder etc.

It is widely used to integrate self-timer ring lights with mobile phone holders. It is an ideal choice for live broadcasts, video blogs, self-timer photos and video quality. Very suitable for all close-up photography and photography. Such as fashion, advertising, portraits, weddings. Ring lights can help you get the perfect makeup.

Rotating universal mobile phone holder Easily rotate the mobile phone holder to any desired angle. Compatible with almost all smartphones like iPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Max / XS / XS Max / XR / 8/8 Plus / Samsung Note 10/9 / S10 / S9 / LG / HTC etc.
Batteries are not required for USB power supply and remote control and can be used with most devices that support USB ports such as laptops, PCs, mobile power supplies, USB chargers, AC adapters, etc. Time lets you control your phone and it is compatible with Android and iOS.

MOSFiATA Selfie Ring Light

MOSFiATA Selfie Ring Light Specification 

Brightness Levels:33
LIGHT COLOR:White, Warm, Cool
PACKAGE CONTENT:MOSFiATA Selfie Ring Light, user mannual


MOSFiATA Selfie Ring Light Price

If You Want to buy MOSFiATA Selfie Ring Light You Can Get This Product ₹2058.74 INR Rupees.
And This MOSFiATA Selfie Ring Light Price in Global Market $27.99 USD

MOSFiATA Selfie Ring Light Price in USD $27.99 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
MOSFiATA Selfie Ring Light Price in India ₹2058.74 RUPEES


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