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A standard pet dryer only takes a long time to dry with even a very small amount of washing. They take up too much of the home space and can do huge damage to energy bills and even clothing damage but with Maurice Zero all of this is a thing of the past.
Built-in ultraviolet disinfection can effectively kill 99.9% of bacteria during ultra-rapid drying. Since there are no hazardous or toxic chemicals to deal with, it is also environmentally friendly. So, Maurice Zero can not only keep your clothes dry, but also protect them from any harmful bacteria!
Morus Zero

Morus Zero Review

When the Maurice Zero can no longer detect the moisture in the fabric and the drying is complete, the humidity sensor system will automatically turn off the device. Just press “Start”, sit down, relax and let Maurice Zero do the rest. It’s very simple.
Unlike the single motor design of other traditional thimble cloth dryers, the Maurice Zero is equipped with three high-performance motors, one of which is used to rotate the drum independently. Our program can accurately control the direction, speed and even the acceleration of the roller.

Thus, the fabric can be dried evenly with very little wrinkle.
The compact design of the Maurice Zero makes it an ideal choice for small living spaces such as entrances, cramped city apartments and even RVs. Basically, you can put it anywhere. It’s easy to install and has no plumbing settings, so it’s easy to start using Maurice Zero right away. Easily select the desired drying mode. Its clear display will display all the information you want.

Morus Zero

Morus Zero Features

Its design effectively prevents mold growth in your home. The detachable water tank does not discharge all water into the air through ventilation, but collects and stores most of the water that has evaporated from the clothes, and the built-in water level sensor will notify if the water tank needs to be emptied.

Morris Patent combines a stylish and simple design with vacuum + 6 dehydration technology, which allows you to change the way you dry your clothes and give you more time to enjoy the best thing. Thanks to vacuum + 6 dehydration technology, ultraviolet and infrared heating, mulberry zero alkali will take your drying experience to a new level.
Maurice Zero uses a customized high-performance neodymium magnetic brushless motor to drive the pump to create a low-pressure environment that allows Maurice Zero to keep clothes dry and fresh every day!

Morus Zero

Morus Zero Specification 



Morus Zero Price

If You Want to buy Morus Zero You Can Get This Product 22097.98 INR Rupees.
And This Morus Zero Price in Global Market $299 USD

Morus Zero Price in USD $299 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Morus Zero Price in India ₹22097.98 RUPEES


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