Monster riot control vehicle PRICE IN INDIA, USA, REVIEW

The riot police who are looking for cover now have movable walls that they can follow in dangerous situations. The Bozena Riot is a strategic vehicle designed by a Slovak company that was previously dedicated to mine clearance. The imposition machine has a front wheel loader like a small wheeled vehicle, just like the front loader and a complex tied.
Monster riot control vehicle

Monster riot control vehicle Review

The 12-foot-long fence has wings that can extend from 15 to 24 feet in width, wide enough to completely block several city streets. It is fully armored and fireproof and has bulletproof windows and harbors for police tear gas guns and gun use.
The central part is equipped with a small ielded platform that can be raised to a height of 15 feet and can be installed with spotlights, tear gas cannons and water cannons, fed by a tied water tank.

The operator sat in the armored carriage of the car and watched the video on the other side of the road. The vehicle is equipped with a four-wheel steering system that allows it to “vibrate” even from the side. There is also a drone version that can be controlled from a distance of more than a mile.

Monster riot control vehicle

Monster riot control vehicle Features

Bozena said it could boycott 100 people who opposed it and could be used to read even in the face of major obstacles. The solder can be picked up when the police have to cross it. Riot debuted in 2010 but got the latest updates and new marketing tools. In addition to riot control, the agency also uses it as an anti-terrorism tool.

18-ton anti-riot truck built in Slovakia and designed to deal with thugs
Behind the bullets and fire shield can protect 38 riot workers
Equipped with water cannons, gas tanks and harbor for gun shooting
The car is controlled from a distance and can drive sideways to accommodate small gaps

Monster riot control vehicle

Monster riot control vehicle Specification 

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Monster riot control vehicle Price

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