Millo Smoothie Blender PRICE IN INDIA, USA, REVIEW

Milo’s intuitive 360 ​​° touch control means you can start and control the mix by touching anywhere on the base or using the app. Blender’s automatic stop function means you don’t have to worry about turning on Blender when doing other things. When it’s finished, the milo turns into clean air – simply remove the blade from the cup and wash it off.

Milo brings a set of smart presets, which can provide you with the most convenient and optimal mixing solution to deal with the most popular mixing. At the same time, the easy-to-use app lets you control Milo remotely. And Milo is the only mixer that gets smart every month. With regular updates you will see new features.

Millo Smoothie Blender

Millo Smoothie Blender Review

If you want to get up before dawn and make breakfast for yourself, this Milo Milkshake special mixer ensures that you don’t bother anyone. Also, the silent mix has a touch interface. All you have to do is simply swipe the base to activate the machine easily. After you finish the smoothie mixture, remove the cup from the blender base and take it with you.

If you run to the gym or office in the morning, this cool mix will help you finish your daily work faster. In addition, this blender is easy to clean because the bottom of the blade is not clumsy. This smart blender can even connect to your phone via Bluetooth, so you can start it in another room.

Millo Smoothie Blender

Millo Smoothie Blender Features

Milo is a blender that can be used anytime anywhere. It can be fully charged via the convenient USB-C port, you no longer have to be confined to the socket – you can mix it wherever you want. The lightweight base and easy-to-remove blade integrated cup means you can also pack the milo in your own luggage. Mix at home or on the go Provide 10 smoothies for your charge, your milo can be charged in 2 hours.


The Milo blend is all about aesthetics. Its stylish and award-winning design is designed to complement the most demanding interiors. Milo is made from the highest quality durable materials, blending anodized aluminum with BPA free Tritan plastic which gives you a mixed experience that incorporates both performance and style.
Milo is not just a style. We use the highest quality materials and reliable production methods to ensure that it is a mixer that can hold the mixture year after year.

Millo Smoothie Blender


Millo Smoothie Blender Specification 

Touch Activate:YES
PRICE IN USD:$530.05


Millo Smoothie Blender Price

If You Want to buy Millo Smoothie Blender You Can Get This Product 38901.69 INR Rupees.
And This Millo Smoothie Blender Price in Global Market $530.05 USD

Millo Smoothie Blender Price in USD $530.05 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Millo Smoothie Blender Price in India ₹38901.69 RUPEES


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