Millclock ZIN 18 Nixie Clock Prices

Get to know Rion Gene 18, a new kind of ultra-compact digital tube a powerful, smart modern body has become history.
Milklock has also designed various new digital tubes. We plan its mass production for wide use in technical projects. Today, the GIN18 is the most compact and upgraded digital tube on the market. Now, the shape of the famous Nixi tube has become slender, neat, strong and smart.

Millclock ZIN 18 Nixie Clock

Millclock ZIN 18 Nixie Clock Review

The Millock Clock ZIN-18 Nixie watch will definitely start a conversation. This creative watch contains a Nixi tube, which was used as an illuminated digital indicator in technological equipment in the 1950s. These tubes are handmade and require special knowledge to manufacture. Today they are back in another era. The Niksi tube of this watch is also handmade and uses higher quality materials than the original materials. They are very energy efficient.

In addition, the GIN-18 has a smart phone app and a touch-sensitive control panel that lets you schedule times. Furthermore, this watch can sync its watch with the internet, so you don’t have to worry about when to move the watch forward or backward. After all, it has its own caution. With this retro watch, the old one is really new again.

Millclock ZIN 18 Nixie Clock

Millclock ZIN 18 Nixie Clock Features

The name “gene” is a combination of Z-level and IN-level digital light. After intensive research and hard work, we have integrated these two sections into one. Conceptually, we have modernized the beautiful base used in the Z tube. Then, I stretched a small IN18 digital tube with a finger height of 44mm length and installed it at the base.

have used modern tools to enhance the whole work to create a modern version of the reborn ZIN18 ultra-compact digital tube. Most Nixi tubes used in technical projects are taken from 50-year-old repositories. We provide modern digital tubes that can be used differently in a variety of projects, providing modern and more comprehensive alternatives to make it increasingly difficult to locate older original digital tube components.

Making perfect test tubes is like making artwork like mechanical watches, perfumes or gemstones. This process is extremely complex and fascinating with all its milestones. First, we have manually assembled 47 of the best quality envelope components. Then, we make glass tubes and threads on a special machine and then put the whole piece in a “furnace” with a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius.

Then, anneal it, inject the mixture of pure gas and finally test it on the rack. This type of treatment results in a higher glass height of the tube and a leak-free seal at the bottom of the tube. These are the two main checkpoints for long lamp life. The service life of Re-Gene 18 Digital Tube is about 20 years, i.e., 200,000 hours of uninterrupted work 24/7. Due to this manufacturing process and scientific approach, the pipes may simply become worn out due to the aging of its materials.

Millclock ZIN 18 Nixie Clock

Millclock ZIN 18 Nixie Clock Specification 

PACKAGE CONTENT:Millclock ZIN 18 Nixie Clock, user mannual


Millclock ZIN 18 Nixie Clock Price

If You Want to buy Millclock ZIN 18 Nixie Clock You Can Get This Product ₹88680.98 INR Rupees.
And This Millclock ZIN 18 Nixie Clock Price in Global Market $1199 USD

Millclock ZIN 18 Nixie Clock Price in USD $1199 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Millclock ZIN 18 Nixie Clock Price in India ₹88680.98 RUPEES


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