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Microtimes Galaxy Magnetic Wall Clock PRICE IN INDIA, USA, REVIEW

Time seems to stop in the air! The hidden electric spherical magnet can absorb the roulette magic of hours, minutes, balls and seconds and display the time with moving markers. The unique watch face design looks like the solar system.
Mars is the minute hand. Earth Hour; The second hand of Venus.
The three planets seem to be floating in the air in magic.
The surface of the unique rubber-coated watch will not damage the rotation of the mark.
Can be placed directly on the table or installed on the wall

Microtimes Galaxy Magnetic Wall Clock Review

Use the MicroTimes Galaxy magnetic wall clock to see the wind time. At the center of the device is the Sun, which consists of three planets suspended in the sky. The ball of three colors rotates around the circle at a smooth speed. Furthermore, each ball represents the other side above the clock and the hidden electromagnets pull them. Similarly, Venus is the second hand, Earth is the hour hand, and Mars is the minute hand.

Thanks to its rubber coating, the surface of the Galaxy Magnetic Wall Clock will not scratch over time. In addition to mounting it on the wall, you can also place the clock directly on the table to observe the floating planets. With a galaxy clock, it’s as if you’re looking directly at the solar system from space.

Microtimes Galaxy Magnetic Wall Clock Features

1.The product needs to use an AA (5) battery. (Battery not included)
2. The second hand ball (metallic silver) reveals the innermost track, which can be attached in any situation.
3. The hour ball (blue) and the minute ball (red) are placed in the middle of the track and on the outermost track,
Need to find a specific location!
4. Open the back cover and turn the adjusting knot to set the correct time.
Note: This product is battery powered magnetic beads, so sometimes the battery power may be insufficient. Please use a high-power battery or replace the battery.

Microtimes Galaxy Magnetic Wall Clock Specification 

BATTERY:5x AA batteries (not included)
WEIGHT:9.6 ounces
DIMENSIONS:9.4 x 9.2 x 2.5 inches
PACKAGE CONTENT:Microtimes Galaxy Magnetic Wall Clock, USER MANNUAL


Microtimes Galaxy Magnetic Wall Clock Price

If You Want to buy Microtimes Galaxy Magnetic Wall Clock You Can Get This Product 2698.78 INR Rupees.
And This Microtimes Galaxy Magnetic Wall Clock Price in Global Market $36.65 USD

Microtimes Galaxy Magnetic Wall Clock Price in USD $36.65 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Microtimes Galaxy Magnetic Wall Clock Price in India ₹2698.78 RUPEES


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