Maxtrax MKII Safety Orange Vehicle PRICE IN INDIA, USA, REVIEW

Maxx your locker for emergency car pickup
Whether you recover a boat from the water, or a car from mud, sand or snow, Maxtrax is a vehicle pick and place tool on Quick and Easy Get It Back
Use Maxtrax to keep vehicle recycling equipment to a minimum. You can even invert the mastrax as a shovel to remove excess material around the tire.
The Maxtrax is made of UV-stable, soft, super-hardened engineering-grade reinforced nylon, which provides traction and a solid foundation to get your vehicle back on track quickly.

Maxtrax MKII Safety Orange Vehicle

Maxtrax MKII Safety Orange Vehicle Review

Tie the maxrax in such a way that it is very close to the driver of the tire, enter the minimum gear and then slowly accelerate. Once the Tire Trade Maxtrax teeth are closed, you will need a grip for self-recovery. MacTrax works to increase traction and keep vehicles out of waterlogging!
Maxtrax is a 100% solid product made from Australian high-tech engineering grade fiber reinforced nylon. The 88 durable teeth are specifically designed to interlock with your tires so you can provide the traction needed to get rid of the structure. Did we mention that there is a built-in chevron and six comfortable handles on both ends?

Maxtrax has a patented lock hole, which can be used in conjunction with our original mounting pins to provide you with a lockable and secure mounting seat. We work with top roof rack manufacturers (such as AG-Aun, Front Runner and Gainer Rack) to provide you with bolts for mounting solutions even using mounting pins. Do you have extra tires? Check out our rear wheel harness!
The Maxtrax brand was designed by McCarthy, an experienced four-wheel drive fan and local guide author in Queensland, while taking into account the power and ease of use. It is a safe, easy, fast, convenient, efficient and inexpensive vehicle recycling method. Maximum traction in any terrain.

Maxtrax MKII Safety Orange Vehicle

Maxtrax MKII Safety Orange Vehicle Features

Original recycled boards made in Australia with a lifetime warranty!
Made of Australian made fiber reinforced engineering grade nylon
Six glove-friendly handles with built-in shovel at both ends.
Most luggage racks are easy to install at companies
The anti-skid plate sinks the tooth into the tire tread and terrain under a four-wheel drive to prevent it from slipping in dirt, snow or sand, thus making vehicle maintenance easier and faster.

Maxtrax MKII Safety Orange Vehicle

Maxtrax MKII Safety Orange Vehicle Specification 

WEIGHT:7.9 pounds
PRICE IN USD:$319.99
DIMENSIONS:46 x 13 x 3.5 inches


Maxtrax MKII Orange Vehicle Price

If You Want to buy Maxtrax MKII Safety Orange Vehicle You Can Get This Product ₹23501.03 INR Rupees.
And This Maxtrax MKII Safety Orange Vehicle Price in Global Market $319.99 USD

Maxtrax MKII Safety Orange Vehicle Price in USD $319.99 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Maxtrax MKII Safety Orange Vehicle Price in India ₹23501.03 RUPEES


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