Marauder Price And Review

The Marauder price is $485000 Dollar, which is a mine-protected military vehicle, which is manufactured by the Paramount Group in South Africa. 2007 during the International Defense Expo and Conference in Abu Dhabi this Marauder was launched. It was the largest arms exhibition in the Middle East. So today we will discuss this Vehicle. So, let’s know about this.

What is Marauder?

Marauder is a soldier’s car made by an African company and the company is named Paramount. This car we are talking about today is a soldier’s car, a car made by an African company in 2007, and it was inaugurated at a Defense Committee event in Abu Dhabi that year. This car is strong and strong with great agility and cross country speed. Built to handle a 4,500-kg payload, this car offers exceptional flexibility in choosing mission-specific weapons and equipment. The information is discussed below.


Marauder Price: 

This wonderful army car’s price is $485000 Dollar. Which is convert with Indian money Rs.37060062.50 Indian Rupee.

 Production History:

Manufacturer Company: Paramount Group

Produced: 2008–present


Marauder Specifications:

Mass: Curb- 9,900 kg and Combat- 15,000 kg

Crew: 2 + 8 passengers

Armor: Ballistic protection- STANAG 4569 level III & Mine blast protection- STANAG 4569 3a and 3b

Engine: Cummins ISBe4-300 Diesel  & MAN D0836LOH Diesel

Suspension: 4×4 or 6×6 wheeled

Payload capacity: 6,000 kg

Ground clearance: 420 mm

Operational range: 700 km

Speed: 100–120 km/h


Marauder Descriptions

Protection: The Marauder is extremely flexible and can be configured as a well-equipped armored transport vehicle or, adding a suitable weapon system, to an effective wheeled combat vehicle. It features 2 strikers and 8 fully-equipped troops on the front and is available in a standard or expanded version with multiple drivelines and armor options.

Mobility: Described in Top Gear as the “Most Stapestal Vehicle in the World”, the Marauder displays unmatched and powerful agility across the country. With great tactical dynamics, the Marauder can cross all kinds of territory at impressive speeds. Chinook) can be done.

Marauder Uses

As a Protector: Marada has independently demonstrated that it provides mine protection of up to 8 kg of TNT under the aisle and up to 14 kg of TNT for explosions under any wheel. Specially designed anti-explosion seats prevent injuries from extreme acceleration from side bangs or mine blasts in the hallway. A double skinned space armor hole is also installed in the cockpit and the crew pulls to protect against dynamic attacks. Additional armor can be added to protect against specific threats.



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