Lumos Ultra LED Bike Helmet review and prices

Taking care of the initial safety of cyclists is not a problem or a nuisance. However, we often forget or place the lights in the wrong place and drivers are often frustrated by the difficulty of seeing and predicting where cyclists will drive on the road.
Lumos is the next generation bicycle helmet that solves these problems. With integrated brake and turn signal lights, Lumos can help you more effectively communicate your intentions to drivers and those around you.

Lumos Ultra LED Bike Helmet

Lumos Ultra LED Bike Helmet Review

There is a way to make your cycling safer: Wear a Lumos Ultra LED bicycle helmet. Bicycle helmets have integrated turn signal lights, front lights and rear lights. Therefore, you can control the turn signal lights via the remote control to help you better communicate with the road vehicles. Drivers won’t see your arm signal in the dark, but they won’t miss these lights, especially because of the maximum visibility at their eye level.

The Lumos Ultra combines your helmet and lights for active protection. Passed the Lumos Ultra Crash test certificate, passing all safety regulations, including CMSC and EN 1078. Since it is charged via USB-C, it can be easily integrated into your gadget settings. This helmet uses a high ventilation design, and also has an IPX6 weatherproof rating, suitable for those who are unhappy days.

Lumos Ultra LED Bike Helmet

Lumos Ultra LED Bike Helmet Features

Very familiar to turn indicators and automatic brake light drivers
Protection: Impact resistant EPS foam coating and polycarbonate shell (Certificate: CPSC, F1492, EN1078, AS2063)
Prevention: See 500 lumens of front and rear street lights on the street, viewed from a 360 degree perspective
A size fits the head from 21-1 / 4 inches to 24 inches (54 cm to 61 cm)

The remote control is small and not way. Install the remote control in a place that best suits your bike and riding style and that’s it! When you go to the remote control, the Lumos helmet automatically connects to the remote control L Lumos has an integrated accelerometer. This will be noticeable when you break and will automatically redden all tail lights to indicate that you are breaking

Lumos Ultra LED Bike Helmet

Lumos Ultra LED Bike Helmet Specification 

PACKAGE CONTENT:Lumos Ultra LED Bike Helmet, user mannual


Lumos Ultra LED Bike Helmet Price

If You Want to buy Lumos Ultra LED Bike Helmet You Can Get This Product ₹5858.85 INR Rupees.
And This Lumos Ultra LED Bike Helmet Price in Global Market $79 USD

Lumos Ultra LED Bike Helmet Price in USD $79 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Lumos Ultra LED Bike Helmet Price in India ₹5858.85 RUPEES


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