Loopz smart Shower price in India, USA, review

It combines a high-quality shower tent with an advanced shower filtration system called the Lupus Filtration Module. The tent was made by Kirsten Tenten in the Netherlands and will last a lifetime. Hamwell’s team designed the filter module. We have many years of experience in filtration systems and have implemented a unique, powerful and easy-to-clean filtration system for loops. This technology will provide you with clean water in a range of outdoor trips.

Loopz smart Shower

Loopz smart Shower Review

The filter module for this outdoor shower is designed with visibility and simplicity in mind. Shower exhaust tank, equipped with a replaceable 40 micron thick mechanical polypropylene non-woven micro filter and UV-C purification lamp. Nowadays, UV-C is famous for its disinfectant properties and is widely used in many industries to kill bacteria and viruses. It is light of a certain wavelength emitted by the sun, but fortunately it is blocked by the ozone layer. It has the ability to effectively neutralize the DNA molecular bonds of viruses and bacteria.

The design of the filter module takes into account visibility and simplicity. It has a three-stage cleaning system and all the necessary electronic components. The filter module can be placed on the floor, outside the camp or inside. Water is pumped from the filter module to the spray head.

Loopz smart Shower

Loopz smart Shower Features

The LED indicator ring around the stainless steel button indicates the position of the loop. When it continues flashing, it means that the filter module is turned on, but there is not enough water; When the LED is fully lit, it means the shower time is over! Press the button and the loop starts. When running, the LED indicator light will light up and come out gently. Press it again and Loopz will stop executing your order.

That sounds silly. But in reality, Loopus is the only conventional shower system we know with a suitable shower head, you can actually fix and adjust it! This makes the Lupus a convenient and comfortable outdoor shower.
Loops are easy to clean. Move the shower tray to fully reach the floor of the module. Also, the filter can be easily removed. All electronic components such as pumps and level sensors are easily accessible and can also be removed from brackets if necessary.

A 12 VDC power supply is required for Loopz’s pumps, UV-C lamps and all other equipment. There are many ways to connect your electrical equipment and we’ve tried to stick with most of them. The short cable of the Loopz Filter module comes with heavy duty, waterproof and compact connectors. To connect the loop to the power source, four additional “additional” benefits can be selected. We supply 5m and 10m extension cables. We supply 100-240VAC to 12V adapter (plugs are supplied according to your country / region) and provide an adapter to connect to the car lighter socket.

Loopz smart Shower

Loopz smart Shower Specification 

PRICE IN USD:$946.00
PACKAGE CONTENT:Loopz smart Shower, user mannual


Loopz smart Shower Price

If You Want to buy Loopz smart Shower You Can Get This Product ₹69,635 INR Rupees.
And This Loopz smart Shower Price in Global Market $946.00 USD

Loopz smart Shower Price in USD $946.00 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Loopz smart Shower Price in India ₹69,635 RUPEES


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