Lisse Portable Wine Decanter PRICE IN INDIA, USA, REVIEW

Liss’s goal is to analyze and explore different levels of wine in a stylish and elegant style. The novel’s wireless sensor computing technology can reduce the barrier between oxygen and tannin without touching the wine, thereby destroying and softening the rough structure of the tannins. The compact size of the lis and the battery power allow you to pour wine anywhere at any time. Regardless of where you want to go, you may have a different wine experience.

Lis gives you the opportunity to not miss any type of wine starting from 15 seconds, 15 mouthfuls, repeat the above process, you will be able to taste different analyzes in the same ingal. Also, there are more differences between licorice and traditional herbal wine decanters.

Lisse Portable Wine Decanter

Lisse Portable Wine Decanter Review

Change the way you drink wine with the Lisi non-contact portable wine decanter. All you have to do is place this compact device about six inches from the wine glass. Then, using wireless sensing technology, it can detect and pour the wine without even touching it. You can use Lisi to wait 15 seconds instead of 20 minutes to get wine.

Next, taste your wine and decide if you want to continue using non-contact wine decanters or if you like the taste of glass. It is not bad to wait patiently for the conventional water heater to work. However, this compact dewatering device helps you reap the benefits anywhere. Take this 8.8-ounce portable can with you on a picnic or to the beach and you’ll be able to enjoy the wine at all levels.

Lisse Portable Wine Decanter

Lisse Portable Wine Decanter Features

The function of MMDA is to create multiple radio waves and static magnetic fields to stimulate and activate oxygen on the surface. It increases the reaction rate between oxygen and tannin. MMDA also senses the response of molecular spin. After decoding, the information enters the SPU to perceive the physical and chemical model of the molecule and to create some flow. Through encoding, the response returns to the MMDA. The whole cycle continues until the final state is reached.

The lease consumes less power and can be charged via a micro-USB port. Lease’s battery voltage is 3.7V, 3300 mAh, and can be discharged more than 1000 times on a single charge. Rated power consumption is less than 4 watts. Lizzie is energy efficient and easy to use.

This is a schedule of different types of wine analysis. The following suggestions have been made to meet the regular drinking habits of the following people. Since each wine is different, it’s just a suggestion We also, everyone has different drinking habits. It’s one of the funniest one in Lisi. You can taste different levels of wine in one glass.

Lisse Portable Wine Decanter

Lisse Portable Wine Decanter Specification 

TECHNOLOGY:Wireless Sensing
WEIGHT:8.8 oz.
DIMENSIONS:1.2″ x 1.5″ x 5.5″
PACKAGE CONTENT:Lisse Portable Wine Decanter, USER MANNUAL


Lisse Portable Wine Decanter Price

If You Want to buy Lisse Portable Wine Decanter You Can Get This Product 12256.55 INR Rupees.
And This Lisse Portable Wine Decanter Price in Global Market $167 USD

Lisse Portable Wine Decanter Price in USD $167 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Lisse Portable Wine Decanter Price in India ₹12256.55 RUPEES


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