Light Speaker flamelike Bluetooth Speaker Review

The Light Speaker is a portable Bluetooth speaker inspired by traditional traditional lanterns. It has a simple and practical form. The lights glow with music, like a true flame. It’s designed to be portable, so you’re inspired by music and podcasts all day long.
The lightweight speaker has an open all-round sound, which can provide rich bass, stable midrange and clear treble.

The stiff borosilicate glass cylinder provides a sealing valve for a 3-inch passive wafer at the bottom. The dome-shaped housing at the top is equipped with a powerful 2.5-inch full-range driver that can emit 360-degree noise.

Light Speaker flamelike Bluetooth Speaker

Light Speaker flamelike Bluetooth Speaker Review

You have never heard an audio that flashes like a light speaker flame Bluetooth speaker. This gorgeous wireless speaker combines two important components: sound and light. In fact, at 3,500 Kelvin, this gadget glows like a real flame. Carry this portable speaker with you, wherever you are, you will experience a warm and comfortable campfire. Made with two knobs and a lantern shape, this flame-like Bluetooth speaker lets you easily adjust light and sound.

Adjust the lamp to the bright light from the burning coal. This small tool is made of high-quality materials and can take you from the inside out. You can install a handle for easy carrying. The light speaker has 360º sound, rich bass and clear triple, which will surely immerse you.

Light Speaker flamelike Bluetooth Speaker

Light Speaker flamelike Bluetooth Speaker Features

It provides natural and immersive sound that is not usually found in portable speakers
The light speaker has two separate knobs, one for lighting and one for sound. When the brightness is increased, the presence of light from the dark chamber to the active candle, all the way to the temperature of the bright natural light-light is about 3500 Kelvin.
The lightweight speaker “True Wireless” uses the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, including dual speaker wireless streaming. This means you can easily connect two speakers together and set them as left and right channels of music.

To achieve this goal, we discovered the illuminated and vibrating bus and light components located at the bottom of the device. The color change of the music and the subtle flickers have been carefully tuned to create the atmosphere of the flames of the fire. The harmonious vibrations and vibrations create a natural and vibrant lighting experience.
The lightweight speaker weighs just 0.6kg (1.3 lbs) and is equipped with great handle accessories. In the true Swedish tradition we include an IKEA style wrench to fix the handle to the speaker

Light Speaker flamelike Bluetooth Speaker

Light Speaker flamelike Bluetooth Speaker Specification 

Light Temp:3500 Kelvin
PACKAGE CONTENT:Light Speaker flamelike Bluetooth Speaker, USER MANNUAL


Light Speaker flamelike Bluetooth Speaker Price

If You Want to buy Light Speaker flamelike Bluetooth Speaker You Can Get This Product ₹16983.32 INR Rupees.
And This Light Speaker flamelike Bluetooth Speaker Price in Global Market $230 USD

Light Speaker flamelike Bluetooth Speaker Price in USD $230 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Light Speaker flamelike Bluetooth Speaker Price in India ₹16983.32 RUPEES


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