LEOCH Battery Power Station price in India, USA, Review

Power outages are always inconvenient and rarely ready, but like!
Like is a powerful and cool backup plan without your maintenance! When you need your home appliances to work properly (this is always the case), Like will give you power at any time. Therefore, your most important appliances are always in the fridge, coffee machine, electric grill, power tools and even Teslas.

LEOCH Battery Power Station

LEOCH Battery Power Station Review

Electricity is the lifeblood of the modern world. When it fails, breaks down and ends, daily life will be severely challenged. No one can bear the lost energy.
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With unmatched 2048Wh power and 4 x 2,000W output power, it is a market leader and a power that cannot be ignored. Don’t let the smooth lines of the likes deceive you! Nothing has been fixed about this power station – it has the stamina and endurance of a stallion!

LEOCH Battery Power Station

LEOCH Battery Power Station Features

Like any household needs a power outage or extra power. Very suitable for fast charging of large or small active devices (from phones to refrigerators and even electric cars). With Like’s solar rechargeable power supply you will never leave the grid again.
Like has 2 regular USB ports, 2 fast charging USB ports, 2 45 W PD USB-C ports, 4 AC wall sockets, 2 300W DC outputs and 1 car power socket.

You can buy Likes with complete confidence, as it surpasses other battery powered technologies. Like the latest LiFePO4 battery – equipped with the next generation of the safest lithium batteries on the market.
As the most stable of modern batteries, they will not overheat and will not catch fire even if perforated while charging. The cathode component in the LiFePO4 battery is innocuous. At the same time, the LiKe is not only safe and durable, but also provides high-average power in terms of its size.

LEOCH Battery Power Station

LEOCH Battery Power Station Specification 

PRICE IN USD:$269.04
PACKAGE CONTENT:LEOCH Battery Power Station, user mannual


LEOCH Power Station Price

If You Want to buy LEOCH Battery Power Station You Can Get This Product ₹20,056 INR Rupees.
And This LEOCH Battery Power Station Price in Global Market $269.04 USD

LEOCH Battery Power Station Price in USD $269.04 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
LEOCH Battery Power Station Price in India ₹20,056 RUPEES


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