LEEF smart ultralight Laptop Price in India, USA, Review

LEEF is a super-portable laptop powered by your smartphone. We all already have a smartphone, why not make better use of it? Al-aluminum body slick; Spectacular 12.5-inch full HD display; The LEF has a full-size keyboard and a multi-touch trackpad, which can literally transform your phone into a 2.2-pound laptop.
Today’s smart phones are powerful enough for ordinary people to do whatever they do on their laptops.

Your phone now acts as LEEF’s “brain” (or CPU), and LEEF has become a fully functional and stylish laptop. Can complete all activities on a traditional thematic laptop. The gorgeous aluminum chassis design is elegant, has excellent production quality, and is stronger and stronger than polycarbonate or magnesium alloy.

LEEF smart ultralight Laptop

LEEF smart ultralight Laptop Review

LEEF makes ultra-light laptops easier to go with. In fact, this gadget can transform your smartphone into a fully functional laptop. All you have to do is connect your phone to the leaf and your journey will be easier! Basically, your phone turns into Leaf’s brain, so you can take full advantage of the full potential of your smartphone.

In addition, it has a full HD display, a full-size keyboard and a multi-touch pad so all you need to do the job and do all the work on a traditional thematic laptop. You can use Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office App, AutoCAD Mobile, Adobe Photoshop App, Google Chrome, YouTube, Gmail, Netflix, Spotify and many more! In the end, this ultra-lightweight laptop is only 12mm thick and weighs 2.2 pounds, making it almost easy to carry.

LEEF smart ultralight Laptop

LEEF smart ultralight Laptop Features

In addition to laptops, LEEF can use its USB-C port as a secondary screen for other computers / laptops or as an external monitor for all devices.
Use a USB port with peripheral devices such as a mouse or external storage.
Using LEEF as a battery pack can always charge all devices.
LEFO will be upgraded whenever you upgrade your phone!
Use Remote Access Virtual Desktop infrastructure to access Mac or Windows computers without any restrictions.

Since the 12.5-inch screen has a higher resolution, the full HD display can provide clear colors and precise positioning for everything you can do. Use the keyboard function key to turn this function on or off. LEF uses your mobile phone, WiFi, cellular data and Bluetooth, so it’s always available.
When using Leaf, your phone can be turned on, off, or performed completely differently than games played on Leaf. Use multitasking, keyboard shortcuts with multiple resizable windows and apps, drag and drop, right click and use all your favorite apps.

LEEF smart ultralight Laptop

LEEF smart ultralight Laptop Specification 

Display:Full HD
Thickness:12 mm
Weight:2.2 lbs
PACKAGE CONTENT:LEEF smart ultralight Laptop, user mannual


LEEF smart ultralight Laptop Price

If You Want to buy LEEF smart ultralight Laptop You Can Get This Product ₹24765.53 INR Rupees.
And This LEEF smart ultralight Laptop Price in Global Market $335 USD

LEEF smart ultralight Laptop Price in USD $335 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
LEEF smart ultralight Laptop Price in India ₹24765.53 RUPEES


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