KURQ Sustainable Phone Case Prices

Curcuma is made from cork, which is a natural ingredient derived from cork oak bark. During the extraction process, only the bark is removed from the tree, no tree will move. Bark removal can be done every 5 years, which will not damage the plant. In fact, when cork is extracted from cork, it absorbs 3 to 5 times more carbon dioxide.

KURQ Sustainable Phone Case

KURQ Sustainable Phone Case Review

KURQ durable phone case made of cork and recycled plastic and is an alternative to plastic phone case. Because your phone will pollute the environment unnecessarily. Tough, flexible and ultra-thin, this phone case is only 1.7mm thick. This means it can be used with wireless charging pads. This natural ingredient comes from the bark of the tree, so there is no need to cut down any trees.

Additionally, this durable mobile phone case is exploitative and tolerant when dropped. And it is a natural waterproof, anti-allergic and antistatic agent, so dirt and dust are not easy to adhere to it. Also, you will like that each cork phone is unique in the case of course, the best part of the KURQ case is that it can help the planet!

KURQ Sustainable Phone Case

KURQ Sustainable Phone Case Features

It directly contributes to the fight against global warming. So by using more cork, you can actually help your planet.
The KURQ chassis is ultra-thin, only 1.7 mm and light in weight, weighing only 20 grams. Therefore, you don’t feel yourself gaining too much weight and volume, because you don’t. It simply gives protection and makes your phone look better.

As it is a natural product, each phone is unique in its own way. Each cork is different, so you have something different from other situations.

KURQ Sustainable Phone Case

KURQ Sustainable Phone Case Specification 

MATERIAL:Cork, Recycled Plastic
Thickness:1.7 mm
PACKAGE CONTENT:KURQ Sustainable Phone Case, user mannual


KURQ Sustainable Phone Case Price

If You Want to buy KURQ Sustainable Phone Case You Can Get This Product ₹1752.23 INR Rupees.
And This KURQ Sustainable Phone Case Price in Global Market $24.15 USD

KURQ Sustainable Phone Case Price in USD $24.15 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
KURQ Sustainable Phone Case Price in India ₹1752.23 RUPEES


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