Kiima Refillable Deodorant Applicator price in INDIA, USA, REVIEW

Billions of deodorant spray heads are thrown away every year. It grew rapidly and millions of tons of disposable plastic products entered the ocean worldwide. Each time the minced deodorant applicator will be replenished, there is less plastic on the ground.
Compact: The compact refill box reduces the space used in transportation and packaging to reduce CO2 content.

Kiima Refillable Deodorant Applicator

Kiima Refillable Deodorant Applicator Review

Use mince to fill the deodorant applicator to make your daily work in the bathroom more environmentally friendly. You are using a toothpaste label. You have a bamboo toothbrush. Now it’s time to repair the mica plastic filled deodorant which is the solution to reduce waste. This refillable deodorant spray gun has a great design and uses natural and vegetarian ingredients.

Therefore, you can be assured that you are treating not only the environment but also the animals. In practice, mince collaborates with partner companies in different countries / regions to adopt environmentally responsible production methods. More importantly, this eco-friendly deodorant container has six beautiful colors. You can choose from “Black Beach”, “Blank Cotton”, “Manarola Rose”, “Rosewood”, “Vert Furlon” and “Blue Glacier”. Take your zero waste sanitary lifestyle to a whole new level.

Kiima Refillable Deodorant Applicator

Kiima Refillable Deodorant Applicator Features

1.Remove the clamp.

2. Sell the deodorant refill pack

3. Put the clip back and you can start using it!
Deodorant refills are made with natural ingredients, which are good for your body and the earth. There will be different scents to choose from to meet everyone’s needs / preferences.
Minced nozzles should not be thrown into garbage cans. If for some reason you want to dispose of your minced spray gun, simply return it so that other minced spray guns can use recyclable materials.

Have you ever noticed that there will always be residual deodorant when you want to throw away the deodorant stick? Your residue remains in the clip, so you just have to push it back on top of the new refill. This allows you to get more benefits from the product and achieve zero waste!
Not plastic: Plastic is a convenient material, disposable items should not be made of plastic. For us, the reboxed packaging should be plastic-free, which is not even a problem.
Biodegradable: From day one, reducing the impact of packaging. I am currently going through the compostability certification process. We have worked closely with leaders in the decoration and paper industry to develop water-based waterproof coatings for cartons.

Kiima Refillable Deodorant Applicator

Kiima Refillable Deodorant Applicator Specification 

COLOR:Black Sand Beach, Blanc Cotton, Manarola Rosé, Rosewood, Vert Forillon, Bleu Glacier
Refills:Plastic Free, Zero Waste
Ingredients:Natural, Vegan
PACKAGE CONTENT:Kiima Refillable Deodorant Applicator, USER MANNUAL


Kiima Refillable Deodorant Applicator Price

If You Want to buy Kiima Refillable Deodorant Applicator You Can Get This Product 1641.30 INR Rupees.
And This Kiima Refillable Deodorant Applicator Price in Global Market $21.93 USD

Kiima Refillable Deodorant Applicator Price in USD $21.93 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Kiima Refillable Deodorant Applicator Price in India ₹1641.30 RUPEES


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