JUMPI jumpstarter charger vacuum price in India, USA, Review

Jumpy is a versatile vacuum cleaner that stays in your car. It is a powerful vacuum cleaner during the day, which can save lives in an emergency. The jumper is equipped with a jumper cable and a power bank, so you will never be on the road without help. Since we spend more and more time on the road, car safety is very important and many people ignore it. Are you ready for this road?

Jumpy keeps you clean, comfortable and always in touch. And in case of emergency, you can safely jump the battery in a matter of seconds without the need for another vehicle. Jumpy is there when you need it most. Some of the reasons for not having a vehicle without a jumper are fast charging, antibacterial cleaning power and non-hazardous battery jumping.

JUMPI jumpstarter charger vacuum

JUMPI jumpstarter charger vacuum Review

If you’re looking for a practical compact gadget, the Jumpy 3-in-1 Jumpstarter may be the answer to the roadside device. It combines the appearance of a jumpstatter, charger and vacuum cleaner that can be used anytime, anywhere. If you experience an error and your phone doesn’t have a roadside support or battery, this roadside device may be the savior you need. So if you need help you can always keep it in the car.

In addition, the powerful wireless dust collection function allows you to easily remove debris and debris from vehicles. This saves the hassle of vacuuming with it. Faced with the reality, you are more likely to keep your car clean without wiring. Finally, the three-in-one jumpstarter weighs just 0.75kg, which is light and easy to operate.

JUMPI jumpstarter charger vacuum

JUMPI jumpstarter charger vacuum Features

The jumper may be small but its 700 MP power makes it the most powerful starter in its class. Jumpy can beat almost any car or truck battery, up to 10 beats per charge, which will keep you stable in the toughest moments. The durable clamps and cables of the jumper ensure your safety and ensure that the service life of the jumper can be several years.
The Jumpy is ultra-light and ultra-portable, weighs just 7,787 grams and is less than a foot in length. Jumpy can be easily installed on any vehicle with or without luggage.

It is designed to fit comfortably under your car seat or in a glove box, so be sure to keep it on hand whenever you want. The jumpy is light and compact but strong enough to make the battery jump ten times. Jumpy weighs just 0.78kg, making it the lightest start on the market

Jumpy is a low-voltage battery jumper. It has advanced safety features, such as insulated wire and fire-proof spark clips, which makes jumping batteries safe and easy. Thanks to the simple design of the jumper and the safe fail-safe function, even drivers who don’t have the experience to start fast can get back on the road in a matter of seconds.
The jumper can produce enough power to beat the battery without the assistance of other vehicles. Just connect the jumper cable and press a button.

You will return to the ride after a few seconds.
Jumpy is the most powerful portable vacuum cleaner in its class. It can pick up large pieces and 99.99% invisible particles and allergens. The jumper is stronger and your car looks more beautiful and can smell fresh in a few minutes.
Click to release the jumper’s reusable container, allowing you to empty its contents without any internal contact. Jumper pots are washable and durable and can be easily emptied and cleaned at home or on the go.

JUMPI jumpstarter charger vacuum

JUMPI jumpstarter charger vacuum Specification 

Peak Current:200A
Start Output:800A
WEIGHT:0.75 kg
Operating Temperature:20–60º
DIMENSIONS:36 x 8 x 7.5 cm
PACKAGE CONTENT:JUMPI jumpstarter charger vacuum, user mannual


JUMPI jumpstarter charger vacuum Price

If You Want to buy JUMPI jumpstarter charger vacuum You Can Get This Product 6230.46 INR Rupees.
And This JUMPI jumpstarter charger vacuum Price in Global Market $85 USD

JUMPI jumpstarter charger vacuum Price in USD $85 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
JUMPI jumpstarter charger vacuum Price in India ₹6230.46 RUPEES


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