JengaLabs printer filament Dryer Prices

JengaLabs printer filament Dryer, Almost all thermoplastic materials absorb moisture easily, which can damage the plastic at the molecular level. Dried filaments can cause string, bleeding, blisters, cracks, warp and deformity when printed. Maybe you learned the hard way.
However, proper drying of your filament will remove both surface (layered) and internal (adequate) moisture, which will allow for a stable and predictable printing process.

The mechanical properties and stable chemistry of the final printed parts have improved, increased layer-to-layer adhesion and improved dimensional accuracy and consistency.
Using innovative airflow, advanced heat exchange process, the active dryer maintains a balance of user experience features, performance features and accessibility while maintaining good aesthetics.


JengaLabs 3D printer filament Dryer

JengaLabs printer filament Dryer Review

Protect your 3D printing accessories better when you own the JengaLabs Active Dryer 3D Printer Filament Dryer. Almost all thermoplastic materials absorb moisture easily, which can damage the plastic at the molecular level. Non-dried 3D nylon strings will drop, blister, crack, warp and warp. But drying your nylon properly can remove surface and internal moisture, improve mechanical properties, and dramatically increase tensile strength.

The active dryer provides consistent drying temperature and prevents spool distortion and filament damage. Offering temperature and humidity control, it has a preset drying curve based on your filament material, keeping them in good shape. In addition, with its innovative airflow and advanced heat exchange process, it offers 360º air circulation and PID control. Eventually, it changes its action based on the dried material. It takes care of your filament to improve dimensional accuracy and reduce wiring and distortion.

JengaLabs 3D printer filament Dryer

JengaLabs printer filament Dryer Features

In addition to temperature controls and humidity monitors, Active Dryer comes with preset drying profiles optimized for the typical 3D printing materials you use. It contains customized drying profiles for your experimental setup or material

Gengalabs Active Dryer 360º uses the principle of hot air drying with air circulation and adaptive controlled drying. Active Dryer provides optimized temperature at various drying stages to condition your material and prevent excessive heating deformation and filament degradation.
3D printing with dry filaments produces successful, consistent printing results. It helps improve dimensional accuracy and helps reduce wiring and distortion.

Active Dryer provides high efficiency drying, which is important for highly absorbent materials such as nylon, PETG and most engineered and advanced materials. Includes preset drying profiles for the currently available engineered and advanced materials with further support for different materials.
Failure rates due to component hygroscopicity are virtually excluded for predictable and consistent printing, so you save on the cost of expensive engineering and advanced materials by preventing failure. It also helps to avoid other freezing and paper jams in the printer.

It does not have a one-size-fits-all setting. Instead, it has been optimized for drying material. Looks like they should all do it, right?
Active dryers have a modular architecture consisting of a component drying unit (MDU) and a component management unit (MMU). Inspired by Hong Kong’s iconic elements, its design is reminiscent of a colorful, vibrant and vibrant city with a systematic look.

JengaLabs 3D printer filament Dryer

JengaLabs printer filament Dryer Specification 

Air Circulation:360º
Includes:Material Drying Unit, Material Management Unit
Prevents:Spool Deformation, Filament Damage
PACKAGE CONTENT:JengaLabs 3D printer filament Dryer, USER MANNUAL


JengaLabs printer filament Dryer Price

If You Want to buy JengaLabs printer filament Dryer You Can Get This Product ₹29435 INR Rupees.
And This JengaLabs printer filament Dryer Price in Global Market $388 USD

JengaLabs printer filament Dryer Price in USD $388 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
JengaLabs printer filament Dryer Price in India ₹29435 RUPEES


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