Jelly 2 Smallest Android 10 Smartphone Review

Equipped with a 3-inch screen, double the battery life, an upgraded camera system and GPS sensor, the Jelly 2 has more functions than its predecessor, maintaining the size of a credit card. This 4G mini smartphone is designed to be used as a regular mobile phone companion device, you can use it more easily when you go out at night, practice or take a break from a full size smartphone.
Jelly 2 Smallest Android 10 Smartphone

Jelly 2 Smallest Android 10 Smartphone Review

Even after upgrading to the big screen, Jelly 2 still retains an incredibly small size, almost like first-generation Jelly. It has a great visual quality of 326 ppi, allowing users to enjoy movies, games and more with bright colors and clear details. 3 inch display.
With a 3-inch screen, the Jelly 2 can provide you with a higher screen-to-body ratio and larger display area, allowing you to slide, scroll and navigate easily. Experience music, movies and games sometimes before and take your immersion to a new level in unimaginable mini form.

Using a 2000 mAh battery, the battery life of the Jelly 2 is twice that of the original Jelly. You can easily finish a day or more of work. Play music, shows, movies, etc. incessantly for hours and find out what battery life is most needed.
Jelly 2 supports the new Global Positioning System which is a huge improvement over previous work. Upgraded to a “GPS + Bidau + GLONASS” system with 5 types of sensors, it can provide greater satellite coverage and stronger and more stable signals, resulting in better location accuracy and navigation routes.

Jelly 2 Smallest Android 10 Smartphone

Jelly 2 Smallest Android 10 Smartphone Features

Pictures taken with high-resolution rear cameras are vivid. Photos have more pixels per inch, so even if they are enlarged, they remain sharp and uninterrupted. With the 8MP front camera you can capture beautiful selfies anytime, anywhere.
Jelly 2 can run the latest Android 10 operating system. No duplicate applications, clumsy UI presence and software that won’t slow you down. Just the best phone for Android lovers.

Jelly 2’s programmable keys allow you to use shortcut keys to customize any activity you like. Take a photo, set an alarm, open an app or any function you want to open with a simple tap.
The Jelly 2 has a microSD card slot that lets you expand storage space and easily remove files, photos or music between devices without relying on Wi-Fi or expensive cellular data transmission. Business number and personal number on the same smartphone. Communicate seamlessly with your network via Jelly 2, whether at work or for entertainment.

Jelly 2 Smallest Android 10 Smartphone

Jelly 2 Smallest Android 10 Smartphone Specification 

BATTERY:1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Phone Talk Time:6 Hours
Battery Power Rating:950 Milliamp Hours
WEIGHT:60.4 Grams
DIMENSIONS:9.24 x 4.3 x 1.3 cm
PACKAGE CONTENT:Jelly 2 Smallest Android 10 Smartphone, user mannual


Jelly 2 Smallest Android 10 Smartphone Price

If You Want to buy Jelly 2 Smallest Android 10 Smartphone You Can Get This Product 4,488 INR Rupees.
And This Jelly 2 Smallest Android 10 Smartphone Price in Global Market $200 USD

Jelly 2 Smallest Android 10 Smartphone Price in USD $200 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Jelly 2 Smallest Android 10 Smartphone Price in India ₹2,989 RUPEES


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