Iwind your personal innovative breath filter. Lightweight and ergonomic, it can be easily installed on your cycling helmet in one step. The powerful portable compressor takes in air, purifies it and redirects fresh air to your face.
The essence of iWind is the best comfort and maximum efficiency. It breathes in the unclean air around it, purifies it and then supplies fresh air back to the nasal cone through the air duct.

The weight of the eyewind is evenly distributed, easy to use and comfortable. Iwind is a bit heavier than sunglasses and at the same time provides you with a completely different quality of breathing.
Iwind cycling FILTER

Iwind cycling FILTER Review

The original body of the iwind is made of shock-proof recycled plastic which is scratch-resistant. The air duct is made of silicone with a good touch. With its flexible base, it can take any shape. The iWind is controlled by a single sensor button, which also displays the battery level.
It can pump more than 45 liters of water per minute, which is more than enough for even the most intense breathing. So, with the help of iwind you will always get a strong flow of pure air.

Iwind’s composition consists of several components: battery parts, coolers with ceramic heating rods, filters, controller buttons, flexible ducts and nose cones. For ease of cleaning and transportation, we designed iBind to create the largest isolated functionality. The filtration field is several times larger than standard mini-HPA filters to achieve maximum efficiency and durability.

Iwind cycling FILTER

Iwind cycling FILTER Features

Iwind has two fasteners with rubber bark. With their unique structure, they are suitable for 99% of the helmets on the market.
Special bright LED lights installed behind the iWind provide extra protection when running at night. Its ultra-high-brightness matrix produces 150 lumens and perfectly marks your travel feel. With the high energy saving activity of the LED, once it is enabled it will not affect the duration of the ion power level.

For ultimate protection, you can buy an extended eyewind kit with a mask. The mask is completely sealed to ensure its moisture resistance. It is also equipped with an exhaust valve. The mask purifies all the air in your breath.

Equipped with iWind 1240mAh battery. In normal mode it can work up to 9 hours and in “warm breathing” mode it can work up to 6.5 hours. The battery is also protected from moisture, so even after you come in contact with rain, your iphone can still function normally.
You can charge iwind from power outlet or power bank. The device can be fully charged in just three hours, but iWind can charge more than 0% of power in one hour. You can choose from three port models: USB, via USB Type-C or power adapter. The magnetic ports provide the most convenience,

while the two fastener alternatives ensure universality.
Iwind has some purposeful advantages compared to conventional protective masks. The technical features of the equipment combine high efficiency and high efficiency air purification with comfortable and convenient use.

Iwind cycling FILTER

Iwind cycling FILTER Specification 



Iwind cycling FILTER Price

If You Want to buy Iwind cycling FILTER You Can Get This Product 4688.83 INR Rupees.
And This Iwind cycling FILTER Price in Global Market $64 USD

Iwind cycling FILTER Price in USD $64 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
Iwind cycling FILTER Price in India ₹4688.83 RUPEES


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