iFi hip-dac Mini Headphone Amplifier Review and Price

The Hip-DAC is an advanced USB / DAC headphone amplifier, suitable for understanding walkmen, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music HD, OTG cable or Apple CK to connect to any smart device’s USB port to enjoy the tide (sold separately) ) Use or similar things unmatched in stylish and beautiful packaging. 6 hours of battery life allows you to immerse yourself in the spectacular sound of hip-deck on the plane, in a coffee shop or at home. If you have high-end or high-fidelity headphones, you’ll need a great external hifi digital-to-analog converter or DAC to enhance your music files at a suitable amplifier and higher resolution to drive them to the right performance potential.

Even more. The DAC of smartphones, computers, tablets or audio players on the market is not designed to handle high quality sound. IFI Audio has developed top products, whether you are a daily listener or an experienced audiophile, you can meet your different needs and preferences.

iFi hip-dac mini headphone amplifier

iFi hip-dac Mini Headphone Amplifier Review

Use the IFI Hip-Dac Mini Headphone Amplifier to get enhanced audio from your device. With support for high-resolution audio up to 384 kHz, DSD 256 and MQA, it has incredible sound. It allows you to hear and hear words full of rest and clear details. This music gadget also has a stylish, slim design that you can proudly display and take it with you.

Also, a balanced audio circuit can reduce unnecessary noise. The PowerMatch variable gain lets you adjust the input sensitivity to match the level of the drive with the headphone load. Also, you can add drama to your favorite bets with Xbox’s sound adjustment. Also, you can easily play your favorite playlists by supporting apps like Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal. Finally, thanks to the battery life of this mini headphone amplifier, you can take it with you all day.

iFi hip-dac mini headphone amplifier

iFi hip-dac Mini Headphone Amplifier Features

With a portable design and slim and lightweight design up to 6 hours of battery life, your music will never stop, making it perfect to take with you wherever you go.
Play any high-resolution audio format from high-resolution audio-spotify to tidal MQA to MP3 and then, via local digital-to-analog conversion, so you can listen to any song as the original recording
Powerful amplifier to suit your style – Listen to ear monitors or ear-hook headphones with a maximum of 400MW out-of-the-box amplifier

Easy to connect directly to your smartphone via USB input and work with balanced 4.4mm or S-Ball 3.5mm headphone plugs for ultimate convenience and versatility
Advanced Strategy – Power Match and Xbus provide adjustable analog enhancements to customize your listening experience without affecting digital conversion.

Hip-DAC provides cut-edge aged-brown digital-to-analog conversion for ultimate signal conversion. It plays all high-resolution audio formats, including DSD256, DXD384, PCM384KAZ and MKA, and has a native digital-to-analog conversion function, so you can listen to any file you expect from the original recording.

The balanced circuit design provides clear sound with less distortion. The dual mono mm headphone amplifier can provide up to 400 MW of power for running various headphones.

The 4.4 mm balanced output adopts balanced wiring all the way to the amplifier to reduce crossstock and distortion.

iFi hip-dac mini headphone amplifier

iFi hip-dac Mini Headphone Amplifier Specification 

BATTERY:2200 mAh
PRICE IN USD:$149.99
DIMENSIONS:102 mm L x 70 mm W x 14 mm H
PACKAGE CONTENT:iFi hip-dac Mini Headphone Amplifier, user mannual


iFi hip-dac Mini Headphone Amplifier Price

If You Want to buy iFi hip-dac Mini Headphone Amplifier You Can Get This Product ₹10985.27 INR Rupees.
And This iFi hip-dac Mini Headphone Amplifier Price in Global Market $149.99 USD

iFi hip-dac Mini Headphone Amplifier Price in USD $149.99 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
iFi hip-dac Mini Headphone Amplifier Price in India ₹10985.27 RUPEES


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