HyperLaser redefines the laser engraving PRICE IN INDIA, USA, REVIEW

Until now laser engraving machines / tools are expensive and difficult to use. Their larger size and slower speed make them unsuitable in many applications and lack the ability to perform the precision instruments required for curved surfaces and spheres.
Hyperlaser solves all these problems. With power up to 5000mW and speeds of up to 6,000mm / min you can create magic on almost any component, even cylinders and round objects at any angle. Draw an idea or upload an image to your smartphone, then send it to the hyperlaser. It’s that easy! Your creation will return to life anytime, anywhere.

HyperLaser redefines the laser engraving

HyperLaser redefines the laser engraving Review

Easy to get started. Express your creativity by designing your own patterns or uploading images on a flat surface or round shape from metal to cardboard, leather to food through the application on a carving machine Nothing can limit your creativity. If your dream can come true, you can use hyperlaser to achieve it!
The unique scanner based on 20K fast laser galvanometer and laser power up to 5000 MW enables you to engrave on any surface with the perfect resolution of 4K / 813DPI.

Reproduce any image on any material including metal, stone, wood, leather, plastic, food, cardboard even on cylindrical and spherical surfaces with a maximum engraved thickness of 6 mm.
Hyperlaser is a lightweight and portable laser cutting machine. Just carry it with you in your pocket or backpack. Whether you’re at school, office or home, it’s a small tool for the desktop, you can create magical things anytime!
Don’t let curved objects limit your creativity. With the help of the fourth axis engraving machine, the hyperlaser can fully display your imagination in a cylinder or even a sphere!
Upload any image to the Hyperlaser app or use the app to take a picture and the Hyperlaser will start engraving.

HyperLaser redefines the laser engraving

HyperLaser redefines the laser engraving Features

There are two methods of engraving. Automatic mode: The user has to select the engraved material through the application. Then, the application will automatically adjust the power and speed as required. Manual mode: The user can adjust the power and speed to create different carvings.
The HyperLaser is primarily a friendly and intuitive device to connect to Wi-Fi and use your smartphone to take photos from your computer or drag and drop files. Using the preview mode, users can easily adjust the size, position and angle of the image. When perfect, the hyperlaser will start carving.

Hyperlaser puts protection first and has two types of protective cover.
Shield Air is easy to store and easy to carry around. The protective cover can be assembled in a variety of ways to provide adequate protection.
Shield Pro comes with an interlocking device, built-in fan and smoke filter, which can provide 360-degree protection and prevent lasers from causing fire. If the protective cover is removed while the machine is running, the hyperlaser will turn off immediately. Location detection and block detection will prevent you from being damaged by the laser.

Once the laser motor detects a dangerous situation, the engraving process will stop automatically.
The built-in fan can effectively cool the temperature of the machine and ensure that the internal temperature does not rise to any level that is dangerous. The hyperlaser also has a built-in overheat protection function. If the temperature of the machine is too high, the extra heating protection will turn on automatically and the hyperlaser will stop working immediately.

HyperLaser redefines the laser engraving

HyperLaser redefines the laser engraving Specification 

POWER:100-240V AC
WEIGHT:1.54 lb
PACKAGE CONTENT:HyperLaser redefines the laser engraving, USER MANNUAL


HyperLaser redefines the laser engraving Price

If You Want to buy HyperLaser redefines the laser engraving You Can Get This Product 36570.46 INR Rupees.
And This HyperLaser redefines the laser engraving Price in Global Market $499 USD

HyperLaser redefines the laser engraving Price in USD $499 in USA, UK, Australia, & Others Country
HyperLaser redefines the laser engraving Price in India ₹36570.46 RUPEES


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