HybridDrive 2TB SSD With USB HUB Review And Best Price

HybridDrive is like having a lover with an external hard drive and a USB hub. Think of it as a truly powerful accessory for laptops, iPad Pros, and even Android phones. The Hybrid Drive features a two-piece design that can be connected to each other, resembling the Yin Yang computing accessory. Yin is an extra port, Yang is extra storage.

Compatible with most USB-C devices, Hybrid Drive offsets the need for multiple hubs, dongles, and drives. With a multiport on one end and an SSD on the other, and a USB-C interface that connects the two, the HybridDrive bridges the gap between your portable device (laptop/tablet/phone) and desktop. Extra ports and expandable storage common to most desktops.

HybridDrive price in india

HybridDrive Review

HybridDrive is an instant USB and SSD storage extension
Many gadgets and devices are not converting as more laptop devices are converting to USB Type-C. The Hybrid Drive acts as a bridge to connect, providing a smooth connection to gadgets that would otherwise be incompatible. Plus, it includes up to 2TB SSD storage. HybridDrive solves all your missing port and storage needs.

Integrated 2TB SSD
HybridDrive combines all isolated ports into one. It also comes with a much-needed storage boost-integrated 2TB SSD.

450 MB / s read and write speed
Thanks to the USB-C 3.1 Gen 2 NGFF (Next Generation Form Factor) interface, you can access 2TB storage at speeds up to 450 MB / s (read and write!). It’s three times faster than a regular external hard disk.

HybridDrive price in india

HybridDrive HUB How its Work!

Play – Used to increase storage on your video game console.
Create – Instantly create and edit files from Excel to Photoshop on SSD.
Backup-Keep your PC, laptop, and phone data safe with a copy of your HybridDrive.
Bootable Drive-Keep the full OS on this hub, just plug it in and boot when you need it!

Connect everything at once
You can access all required ports at the same time. HybridDrive significantly increases the number of MacBook ports!
HybridDrive helps performance at work. All HybridDrive ports are specially routed to allow you to access them all at the same time at the highest speed possible.

Connect to any device
With so many USB gadgets and peripherals available today, the default ports on laptops are rarely enough.
Designed to fit the compact design of the Apple MacBook Pro, the Hybrid Drive can also be used as additional storage for any device, including hubs, smartphones, tablets, PS4s, and laptops.
Just disconnect the MacBook interface and you’ll find your USB-C cable. You can now share files and ports from desktop computers, Windows or Linux notebooks, mobile phones, tablets, TVs, and other smart devices.
With HybridDrive you can keep all your cables connected to your work or home without problems.

Full UHS-II compatibility (200 MB / s) allows you to transfer 5 minutes of 4K video from a high-end professional camera in 18 seconds.
By optimizing the path between the USB 3.1 port and the USB-C interface, HybridDrive doubles the data transfer rate of the fastest hub available on the market.

Power saving
Unlike other dongles on the market, Hybrid Drive doesn’t overheat or drain your battery.
Each component and element, from the chipset to the card reader, is designed to save power.
This means it operates up to 96% efficiency without overheating while providing full power and speed to all ports at the same time.
Its smartly integrated design occupies 30% less space than a delicious chocolate bar. And at 58 grams (2 ounces), it’s as close as light!

HybridDrive price in india

HybridDrive HUB Specification 

BATTERY: No (USB C Type Port)
MATERIAL: Fiber Plastic
PRICE IN USD: $69.43 for 1x128GB
DIMENSIONS: 4.7″ x 1.97″ x 0.43″ / 121 x 50 x 11mm
PACKAGE CONTENT: User Manual, Main Content

HybridDrive Price

If You Want to buy HybridDrive You Can Get This Product ₹5,296 INR Rupees.
And This HybridDrive Price in Global Market $69.43 USD

HybridDrive Price in dollar $69.43 USD
HybridDrive Price in Indian Money ₹5,296 RUPEES


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